Monday, November 9, 2009

Club For Growth Officially Backs Marco Rubio

Let the RINO hunting begin! The Club For Growth has officially put its weight behind the senatorial campaign of Marco Rubio.  Marco Rubio is running against RINO Charlie Crist, who supported the Stimulus (but now all of a sudden denies this).

From The Fix
The Club for Growth made it official this morning, throwing its weighty endorsement behind former Florida state House Speaker Marco Rubio's (R) Senate bid and significantly complicating Gov. Charlie Crist's (R) path to the nomination.
Club president Chris Chocola praised Rubio as "one of the brightest young stars in American politics" and a "proven champion of economic liberty." Chocola also skewered Crist for repeatedly taking the side of "big government liberals on major economic issues facing America today."
The Club's endorsement of Rubio had been rumored for months but momentum for it picked up after the former state legislator managed to raise more than $1 million between July 1 and Sept. 30 -- proving viability against the incredibly well-funded Crist. MORE
The GOP should get on board with Rubio ASAP. He is everything they claim they want. He is Latino, he is young and he is a real conservative.  Are these not the very qualities the Newt/Steele wing of the party have been say the GOP needs to attract?  Why then should they have come out so early for Charlie Crist?

Well we true conservatives have to promote Marco Rubio ourselves and show the GOP just what type of candidates we are looking for in 2010 and beyond.

Via: The Fix


dave in boca said...

My next door neighbor here in Boca was a close political ally as a State Rep of Crist's who now calls him "a waste of a human being." That's pretty much the opinion of everyone who has worked with and for this chameleon on plaid, who is now going around denying he ever supported Obama's wasteful unsuccessful $787 billion pork-package called the "stimulus," even though there are dozens of on-the-record examples of where he did so.

For a serial liar like Crist, that doesn't mean a thing.

The Conservative Lady said...

Go Rubio!!!

Clifton B said...

Dave in Boca:

That flat out lie about not supporting the stimulus should be all we need to know why Crist is completely unacceptable. By next year, America will be broken, liars are not the kind of people who are needed to mend it back. No Crist!

Clifton B said...


Count me in!

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