Sunday, November 15, 2009

Another Black Conservative's FMJRA - The Time To Be Heard Edition

This week's Full Metal Jacket Reach Around (FMJRA) was so dominated by links to Beck's show on Black Conservatives, I thought I might as well just name it that.  Once again, sorry I did not get to drop a pearl or two of wisdom, but it was a good show all in all.  Let's get this show started.

Linky Love
No surprise that half of all Linky Love came in this week regarding the Beck show.  First, since no tragedies are present, I would like to give a shout out to Left Coast Rebel, Carol at No Sheeples Here and Stogie at Saber Point for hooking up that awesome Friday The Thirteenth graphic. Somewhere out there an ad agency is eating their hearts out!  You guys rock!

Others who helped to spread the word about Beck's show were, The Wisdom of Soloman, Fuzzy Logic, Motivation: Truth, Mommy Life, My Voice on The Wings of Change, Booker Rising, Fisherville Mike, American Power, The Cypress Times, A Time For Choosing, Longistics Monster, Conservative Mama, ChickABoomer, A Conservative Shemale, Mary Baker and Johnny Dollar Place, whew! Please let me know if I missed anyone.

Another Black Conservative's second most popular post was Michael Steele saying white Republicans are afraid of him. Thanks for links from Critical Narrative and Booker Rising.

The GOP taking the lead in Gallup's latest poll was linked to by The Astute Bloggers and Booker Rising.

Miscellaneous Linky Love came in from Moe Lane at RedState who referenced the Scozzafava as Progressive video. Reaganite Republican took note of The White House telling Democrat strategist to stay off Fox News. The US being aware of Nidal Hasan's Al Queada ties was noticed by Bug Drivel. linked to Sarah Palin having her say. Booker Rising took note of KSM coming to NYC for his trial. Once again Zandar Versus The Stupid linked to ABC about Obama's latest dithering with Afghanistan and provided ZERO hits on my Sitemeter. Come on Zandy, even your mother must read your blog!
ABC was honored with featured blogs by Elohssanatahw, Reaganite Republican (thanks Reaganite for the nifty mini ABC logo too) and a big thanks to Pundit and Pundette for the tons of traffic!

Must Reads
After much absence from my weekly FMJRA I have a few links to share this week. First we have another one of Obama's half brothers. This one spills the beans on what Papa Obama was like. Let's just say, daddy was burning bed material.

The Wall Street Journal's blog Washington Wire has a nice overview and excerpts of Sarah Palin's memoir Going Rogue.

Elohssanatahw thinks of something no one else has thought of regarding Nidal Hasan.

Digital Pubis explains his conversion from Muslim to Christianity.

New Blogs


Janelle said...

It is so odd to me that Obama is so secretive about his past. Or maybe not, now that some of this is starting to be revealed. This very well may be the the virtual straw that breaks his back. Thanks, again, Clifton.

@eloh said...

Speaking of odditys and secrets. My mind is too far gone to give things a good "what for" in the gray matter.

I know you are busy, but you look to be in your "thinkin' prime".

Fact sheet:

1. Hollywood is loaded down with liberal nutjobs. (given)

2. A huge push on end of the world / what it will be like after..movies.

3. Is there something here? Some panic or "mind set" they may be guiding the masses into?

Stogie said...

Carol at No Sheeples Here deserves most of the credit for that graphic, but it was a product of teamwork. We bloggers should cooperate more in such efforts. LCR deserves full credit for being the leader in this effort.

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