Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Another Black Conservative on Silvio Canto's Let's Talk

I was on Silvio Canto’s Lets Talk yesterday. We discussed NJ Governor Chris Cristie, lawsuits against ObamaCare and more.


spc said...

The part of the discussion where there may be contention is in the labeling of the Democrats as Socialists. I'm not saying it is not the case, I believe it is, but to the independents and fence riders it is merely an desperate insult.

Socialism, as a "keyword", has been tarnished. Remember that the media is all of that ideology and they control the perception of the mainstream American population. If the word has been marginalized as a slur of sorts, it is counterproductive to use it.

Marxist is a more fitting description and does not have an effect similar to the word Socialism (which I feel is nearly as counterproductive as when the left calls us racists). Marxism is not fully understood by the general population and would invite people to look up the definition (unless they chose to get it from the media). In doing so, the people would quickly and clearly identify Obama as such, the rest of the dominos should fall accordingly.

On the other topic of Christie- What a surprise that guy was- I did not expect him to fight so hard and work so hard for NJ. Hopefully we get more like him on the national stage. Too many politicians are either cowards or corrupt. I hope he sets the standard of action for the next few years.

Clifton B said...


You make a valid point about the word Socialism/ socialist. Part of the problem is that many on the right allowed themselves to become intimidated by using it. No more of that, it is an accurate description for their policies and actions.

Christie is like Christmas. If you read back, you will see I was very skeptical of Cristie. Now, I take it all back. He is our Paul Bunyon of budget cutting.

Clifton B said...


The media is destroying themselves and you are right we need to give it a little push to help it on its way.

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