Thursday, March 18, 2010

Is this the latest CBO score?

NOTE: I had to re-do this post,  I was initially suckered into believing these were the actual CBO numbers (Look before you leap Cliff, you are dealing with desperate Democrats)

The Democrats are touting numbers that are supposed to have come from the CBO.  As of yet, the CBO has NOT officially released numbers. Democrats are saying CBO estimates a price tag of $940 billion over 10 years with a deficit reduction of $130 billion over the same time.

Needless to say the Democrats are giddy and can now begin the 72 hour count down to a vote. 
Democrats are lauding a CBO report that found their healthcare package will cut the deficit by $130 billion. 
House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer hailed the figures from the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office during a meeting with a group of reporters on Thursday morning and said the House would vote on Sunday. 
He said House Democrats had crafted a bill that would amount to the largest deficit reduction package in more than 15 years.
“We think the numbers are now pretty well set from CBO,” Hoyer said.  “We think it will post the largest deficit reduction of any bill that we’ve adopted in the Congress since 1993.” 
"We are absolutely giddy" about the score, said Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-S.C.) said during an interview on Fox News Thursday. About the deficit reduction figures, he added "This is great news for the American people." 
This is almost like some cruel joke. Here we are today carrying a debt of $14 trillion dollars and these imbeciles are giddy about reducing that debt by $130 billion over 10 years. That isn’t even enough to keep up with the interest payments. To make matters worse, we all know that the assumptions given to the CBO are rigged.

Despite the obviously inadequate amount of deficit reduction, these numbers will act like a fig leave for “fiscally conservative” Democrats so they can vote for this monstrosity. 

H/T to Torrey Spears for bringing the error to my attention.


Torrey M. Spears said...

According to Paul Ryan, these numbers are not from the CBO - this is not a confirmed CBO score, this is a Dem leak and attempt to move the goalposts...

Countryboy said...

ABC..the bad thing is these figures assume Medicare will be cut what is it $500 billion and also doesn't include the "doctor's fix" which is $200 billion that will be it's own stand alone bill because it was taken out of the health care bill because it would raise the deficit. Plus all these backroom deals we don't know about still in one way or another add to the deficit with this bill. So those kind of tricks is why the CBO can score it like they did. What a sham !

Clifton B said...


Thank you for the heads up. I gave you a hat tip for pointing out my error.

Clifton B said...


The CBO scores are proof of that old saying "garbage in, garbage out". So long as they are working with bad assumptions, their scores will not be reliable.

Jacky said...

At Twitter from jack_welch "The CBO estimate of 20yr Obama health plan costs is the ultimate sham on the American public

Janelle said...

Where's the bill, what's in the bill, which bill, move the bill, change the bill, vote on the bill, don't vote on the bill, shuffle the bill, deal the bill, add student loans to healthcare......... WTF?

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