Monday, March 22, 2010

ObamaCare aftermath: Let the lawsuits begin

Yesterday, shortly after ObamaCare passed, I said now is not the time for despair. Instead, it is time to redouble our actions and starting hitting at ObamaCare from new angles.

Well the lawsuits are starting to fly.  Three states have immediately started getting their legal gears in motion. Virginia, South Carolina and Florida are all filing suits claiming the mandates in ObamaCare are unconstitutional. Texas, Nebraska, Utah, North Dakota, South Dakota, Washington, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma and Alabama are expected to follow as well.

So if you are feeling down in the dumps about ObamaCare passing, give yourself a new task to focus on. First find out if your state is going to take legal action. Contact you state representatives and inform them you expect them to take action. Begin forming or joining groups in your state to start pressuring your state representatives into action.

Here is a Heritage Foundation video that puts ObamaCare in the proper perspective.

Video h/t: I Own The World


Janelle said...

Political grapevine rumblings in Florida proved right....the lawsuit is already prepared. Phoned Attorney General Bill McCollum's office this morning to thank him.
Clifton, you are 100% correct - put the pressure on in every state.

Clifton B said...


I dashed off a letter to my state Attorney General Paula Dow, letting her know I expect action.

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