Thursday, March 18, 2010

Earthquake in Hawaii? What earthquake in Hawaii, Mr. President?

Yesterday I told you I thought Obama’s worse part of the Fox News interview came when Bret Baier pressed him on the kickbacks. It turns out that during his rambling answer, Obama may have stuck his foot in his mouth with this doozy.

As Cassy Fiano at Hot Air points out, there have been no earthquakes with causalities in Hawaii since 1975 and even then only two people died. Obama got caught in this lie because he is use to making junk up on the fly and not having it questioned by the media. This is the same thing Hillary did with her Kosovo sniper story. Let’s just say making stuff up is a Democrat addiction enabled by their lapdog media.

Via: Hot Air


Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

When does the statute of limitations of inept handling of a "natural catastrophe" run out? California could milk this into perpetuity. Wait, so could Florida...

jimspice said...

Hawaii had a 6.7 in 2006  for which it received federal emergency assistance after Bush declared a federal disaster.

Clifton B said...

Happy Hour:

Excellent point, you can claim natural disaster all the way back to the 1970's!

Clifton B said...

Jim Spice:

What was the causalities from this 2006 quake? Do they require a special kickback in health care reform? Methinks not.

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