Saturday, March 27, 2010

Video: Sarah Palin stumps for John McCain in Arizona

Here is the full video of Sarah Palin stumping for John McCain in Arizona. 

It is funny watching this video and thinking back to McCain’s concession speech. Sarah was not allowed to give her short speech. Today, McCain would probably give his eyetooth to have Sarah so much as wink to his audience. While McCain is still the same man he was then, Palin has grown by leaps and bounds.

Throughout Palin’s speech notice how she tried to cloak McCain in her brand of conservatism rather than sing praises for his. Also did you notice the immediate drop in enthusiasm once McCain took to the stage?

I cannot help but wonder how different things might have gone. Had the McCain campaign simply allowed Sarah to be Sarah, rather than trying to shoe horn her into McCain flawed RINO philosophies.

While some conservatives have a major problem with this endorsement, I don’t. After reading Going Rogue, I know she is doing it out of personal loyalty. I like Palin and her brand of conservatism, but just because she endorses someone, it doesn’t mean I have to vote for that candidate. If I were in Arizona, I would have gone to the rally, cheered Sarah, listen to McCain and then gone out and support JD Hayworth.  


Sparky said...

No, see, this is why I'm not for Sarah Palin nor am I a Republican anymore (Libertarian). I like and admire her greatly, but she is just another RINO. John McCain needs to be kicked out of the Senate. I hope the good people of Arizona retire him permanently.

Sparky said...

PS: Thank you for showing my blog on your sidebar! I just noticed it. I am so honored. Thanks so much. :)

Jim McKee said...

This post was dead-on. Hayworth is the true conservative in that race. I respect John McCain's military service, but he is not really a conservative.

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh - There is NO way I would vote for JD Hayworth. We have had enough of dirty, crooked politicians. He has become synonymous w/ "deal maker" and corruption. McCain is the only man fit for the seat.

John B. Hefmier said...

Sorry, Sparky,
You are entitled to not be a Republican anymore, and you are entitled to like JD over John. However, Sarah is no RINO. FYI, Sarah took on her own Republican Party in her homestate, which was really infested with RINOS and adherred to the Alaska Constiution. Just because Sarah stumped for John McCain does not dismiss her Republican credentials. She was in a "damned if you do; damned if you don't" situation. If she did NOT stump for McCain, then the LSM (Lame Stream Media) would had a field day, calling her grateful, and throwing John under the bus. Even Mark Levin, who has endorsed JD Hayworth, acknowleges that Sarah has a valid reason for stumping for John. It is out of loyalty and loyalty is a virtue.

John B. Hefmier said...

I also believe that if JD gets the Republican nomination, then Sarah will endorse him over the Democratic nominee. I believe that JD realizes that he needs Sarah's endorsement, if this scenerio comes.
One final thought: Sarah is not going to please her supporters all of the time (did Reagan please his supporters all of the time??), and she WILL make some "head-scratching" moves. However, that is no reason to dismiss her. No one puts Sarah in a corner and tells her what to do, to please ourselves.

Velcro said...

I think your post is right on, Clifton. I had the same sense after reading Palin's book. I wasn't so sure before, but I'm very sure that she would make an outstanding president, if she gets the chance.

Clifton B said...


I have to disagree with you there, Palin is far from RINO territory. Yeah, she is helping one, but her conservatism rings true.

McCain is a little too risky. We need ObamaCare repealed and the last thing we need is for him to go Mavricky on us at the last minute.

Clifton B said...


Glad to do it. Hope it brings you great traffic.

Clifton B said...

Jim McKee:

Hayworth is clearly more conservative than McCain. However, from the two appearances I have seen of him on TV, I kind of got the impression that he may not be ready for prime time. Any thoughts on that?

Clifton B said...


Really? Can you provide examples?

Clifton B said...


Check out Palin and McCain's interview with Greta at the Right Scoop. There is a part where she praises contested primaries including the one in AZ. I think she would support Hayworth if he beats McCain.

Clifton B said...


I never questioned Palin's ability to be President. Anyone who actually looks at her accomplishments knows she is capable. The thing that puts her at the top of my list is that she realizes that the current crop of liberals and progressives are a threat. Therefore, she might do what Republicans needed to do decades ago and that is set the progressive movement back to the stone age.

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