Thursday, March 25, 2010

Victimizers turned victims

Ever since the passage of ObamaCare last Sunday, the media has been focusing in on stories about threats made towards Congress members, Democrat Congress members to be exact

We have seen stories of broken windows at local DNC offices, racial slurs hurled at CBC members, threatening emails and voicemail and so on. The media tries to make the point that these acts of violence are coming from the Tea Party movement. The media also wants us to believe that this type of stuff is a recent phenomenon.

I just don’t see it that way. I see the focus of threats and violence against Democrats as the media’s attempt to help Democrats change their image from victimizers to victims. For the entire 13 months of the health care debate, Democrats have victimized Americans who stood in opposition to the bill. The Tea Parties that sprang up were immediately smeared, ridiculed and ignored. Democrats did everything in their power to dismiss angry constituents at the town hall meetings. The Democrats continued their heavy handedness in Congress by stretching the rules, holding late night votes, crafted legislation behind close doors and wasted our scarce tax dollars to buy off votes within their own caucus.  All this for a bill the majority of Americans never supported.

Now that the Democrats have the dream legislation they always wanted, they realized they achieved it at the price of damaging their brand and a high level of public dislike for the bill. Rather than find some way to calm or make amends with the public, Democrats have fallen back on their old tradition of victimhood. In this case, they want to play the victim.

By painting themselves as victims of alleged Tea Party violence, Democrats feel they can rally their base and shift public attention away from their past behavior. This is a dangerous and irresponsible tactic, especially when segments of the public are feeling like they were railroaded and their voices completely ignored.

We must all condemn the use of threats and violence against any member of Congress and it should be denounced whenever it really occurs. However, we should not allow the threats and violence to stop us for holding Democrats accountable.  It was the Democrats’ reckless and irresponsible pursuit to pass this bill that has brought about the current climate of anger and it is their continued reckless and irresponsible behavior that is feeding it now.   Vote them out; they are not worthy to be our representatives. 


Pamela Zydel said...

I’m confused. The MSM said that the Tea Party was nothing to worry about. The rallies only held a few dozen people, you know, just “pesky flies”. But NOW all of a sudden--the Tea Party is a mortal threat! A dangerous HUGE GROUP hell bent on death and mayhem?

WHAT is the story, MSM? I mean, really, IF they EVER told the TRUTH, maybe we could get somewhere!

Please don’t misunderstand me, I don’t condone any violence from either party, but the facts are skewed and I’m sick of it.

Janelle said...

Two terms and out. I know I sound like a parrot about this. And no damn pensions for life - few deserve it, so none should have it, anymore than they should have better health care. Most are not worthy of it.
Until we vote them in and out on a regular basis and they finally believe we are serious - we will get the same old BS.

spc said...

Nice summary Clif- there are so many layers to most of the stories- if only they could be expanded on in a thread format.

The American people need to create a plan of action to make sure we are not sandbagged by the media during the upcoming election. It is the case in just about everything that has happened the past year that the media has actively worked to undermine the American people, and since the play offense and defense for the progressives/liberals, they should be a focus for conservatives to confront. I posted somewhere else that the Tea Party should go "underground" so to speak to organize an all out campaign before the election. Shapeshifting the movement and limiting protests would work to insulate it from the unfair attacks from the media. It could then resurface with more passion 1-2 months before the election. Remember that the media has already identified and targeted it as the enemy- similar small organizations would disorient their attacks and deprive them of a cohesive target. Strong conservative Republican leaders are on the ball right now and I'm confident that the continued onslaught by this administration will keep the people animated until right before the election when they'll be begging and searching for the "tea party" idea.

wordsmith said...

Apparently conservatives have fallen out of love with democracy. Clearly you don't understand it. If you did, then you would know that democrats were popularly elected to enact their agenda--not the GOP's agenda. Remember that election in 2008? That is how democracy works-- but most of you are so preoccupied with socialism that it doesn't surprise me that you know little about democratic practices. That is why elections matter. You guys should have done a better job in keeping your seats. Believe me, if the people aren't satisfied this November, they will let the majority party know. It won't be because republicans wish it so.

Liz said...

Yes. But we need to start naming names. I'll start. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. And Stupak.

spc said...


First of all this is a Republic in which we are ruled by law, not a majority. With that in mind, most people are upset because of this administration's complete disregard for law, and even if this were a Democracy, the current administration would be more evidently in violation of the will of the people. They are being dishonest with the total costs of the system, they are dishonest with what is actually in the bill (they may not even know), and they are being dishonest about the long term consequences of the law. Why would a person need to be dishonest if the people really wanted what the bill provides? They have also taken to stirring up race issues as a distraction, they have launched an attack on the majority who did not want this, through the media. They have elected to keep themselves and certain staffers off this plan, they have chosen for the benefits to begin after a possible 2nd term for Obama, they have large campaign contributors that are exempt.

This is why people are upset. BHO and Congress is supposed to be representative of the United States of America, not the liberals of the United States of America. False bipartisan efforts have magnified the extreme partisanship of this administration and their desire to govern over their leftist minority base and rule over the opposing majority. Winning does not give any political party monarch-like rule as this President would have you believe (his mandate given by the majority was a smaller percentage than those that wanted his reform plan- which makes it obvious it is not about feeling he has a right to do by majority as he likely believes that he was elected supreme ruler).

Clearly the problem is not so much that he won, it is that his agenda is to change America and not better America. With a complicit media playing the perception fears of the middle of the roaders, most are left powerless to watch themselves ridiculed and attacked on TV at the expense of the future.

wordsmith said...

I respectfully disagree. Clearly it is your opinion that he has not been bi-partisan. What would you have him do? Not govern on his agenda? There are more than conservatives in this country sir. What about them? And you are wrong. The majority party in power governs based upon their agenda. If that agenda is not productive or is unliked, then that party will be voted out of office. Not spat upon, and not physically threatened. That's what makes democracy work. The people did have their say, and they elected democrats as the majority, just as they elected republicans a few elections ago. You may not like the direction the country is going in, but I can guarantee you that others do like the direction the country is going in. That is the name of the game.

spc said...

Bipartisanship would have included negotiations with the opposition group, not a bill crafted by partisan committee.

President of the United States governs the country in a direction the population wants to move. The majority of the population did not want this bill to pass so I would say that their actions are overtly against the people of the country they govern.

Take Bush for example- absolutely hated by the left, but for his actions there was consistent bipartisan support and support of the population.

While technically you are right that the winner gets the prize, you are over simplifying. When has the winner gone against the majority of the country? Because a candidate wins does not mean he should do whatever he wants and that it has been pre-approved because he won the election. If you think they should run their office that way then you should handle it that way- I think most people think it is their responsibility to do whatever they can to make sure their elected leaders govern in their best interest and not just assume the defeated position.

Clifton B said...

Pamela D. Hart:

The media is only paying attention to the Tea Parties now, because they pose a threat to the Democrats. They know people are still unhappy with ObamaCare and they don't want the Tea Party to keep fanning the flames.

The media is rapidly becoming a public enemy

Clifton B said...


I think one of the best things we can all do is expose the media to everyone you know. Whenever, you catch them playing water boy for the Democrats, print it out and share it with someone. If the media gets exposed they lose all effectiveness. Andrew Breitbart at Big Journalism is on the right track.

Clifton B said...


Just to remind you, we do not have a democracy here in America. We have a Constitutional Republic. As such, rule of law governs not majority rule.

Democrats were not elected because they had better ideas, rather Republicans were thrown out for not adhering to fiscally conservative principles. Since we have a two party system, that mean you have to elect Democrats in order to remove the wayward Republicans. This maneuver by the people is not a green light for socialism, social justice or whatever buzz word you want to apply to the foolish spending.

You can bet your bottom dollar the the current majority party will be hearing loud and clear from the people, and it won't be pretty.

Clifton B said...


Add Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and Barbara Boxer to the mix.

wordsmith said...

We will see Clifton. Perhaps you're right. Perhaps you're wrong. I think it's too soon to tell. For the record, don't think folks are excited about electing republicans again. They don't like you guys either.

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