Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Left vs. Right: The tale of two protests in pictures

Zombie at Pajamas Media has links and images of two recent protests. The first is the Showdown in Searchlight Tea Party and the second is an Anti-War rally in Los Angles. The stark contrast between the images could not be more acute.

Click over to Zombie and as you go through the images of the left, keep in mind all the things people say about Tea Partiers and see if they don’t apply to the lefties.


LL said...

I was at Searchlight and the group couldn't have been more polite and respectful, while expressing concern for the direction barack hussein obama and the radically liberal Congress has been taking the country.

Other than "Dump Harry Reid", which is a common theme on bumper stickers, window stickers and magnetic car door signs throughout Nevada, I didn't see a sign that was offensive in any way. Some pro-life people had signs that said "Choose Life" and pro-choice people might consider that somehow offensive, but pejorative wierdos aside, the signs were kind.

If there had been one rude sign, the bank of mainstream media types there would have zeroed in on it.

The 20,000 number for those attending is a responsible number. However there was traffic backed up for over three miles in both directions on State Route 95 at one point DURING the rally. There were more people who wanted to get in who couldn't because the venue was simply overwhelmed by people.

And yes, a dozen Harry Reid counterprotesters threw eggs. Typical.

Clifton B said...


Thanks for the first hand info. I kind of suspected that the crowd was closer to 20k. My first Tea Party in NYC has 13K and Searchlight looked much larger.

Clifton B said...


Careful now, we can't talk like that, some lefty might wet his pants.

Janelle said...

No family in the military or friends there...that is for certain.

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