Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Parliamentarian rules against Republicans on reconciliation fixes bill

From The Hill: Senate parliamentarian Alan Frumin ruled against Senate Republicans Monday night, setting aside the first of many expected procedural objections from the GOP.
The parliamentarian ruled that changes to a proposed excise tax on high-cost plans would not violate the 1974 Budget Act by changing contributions to the Social Security trust fund.[MORE]
I never really thought this was such a great idea for Republicans. So long as Joe Biden can overrule the parliamentarian, this strategy was a very weak one. Having the parliamentarian rule against them isn’t that much different than a Biden overrule. The effect is the same, reconciliation moves forward.

I think Republicans would have better spent their time trying to pick off enough Democrats to make sure they stay under 50.


Unknown said...

Even though the parliamentarian only has an advisory role, he's still pretty important right now: http://bit.ly/d6c4Bs

Clifton B said...


Welcome to ABC! Good read you provide, you are right, the parliamentarian is the man of the hour right now.

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