Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Video: The Coffee Party infiltrated

Lee Doren from the very popular YouTube channel How The World Works, joined one of the Coffee Party meetings on Saturday and this is what he found.

The Tea Party has nothing to fear from the Coffee Party. These guys are lethargic as all get out! They look bored silly. How many do you think will bother to show up to the next meeting? 

Did you notice how these leftists couldn’t even come up with a their own signs without using collectivism?  They have to vote on a message!  By the time they collectively vote on what to be “civilly” outraged over, the Tea Parties would have bounced Obama’s butt all the way back to Chicago!

Notice how these Coffee flavored Kool Aid drinkers are not very well informed. They all talk in generalities and are clueless that they live in a republic and not a democracy. So many of the Tea Partiers I have met can cite actual legislation they oppose, the true amount of the national debt, what the current unemployment and underemployment rates are and so on. I doubt any of those Coffee drinkers know half that.

Also notice how few hands went up when the black woman leading the group asked about supporting the president. For a leftwing Astroturf movement, this does not bode well.

When I first found out the Coffee Party was Astroturf, my first reaction was that it was designed to cultivate a new batch of Hope Dopes.  Judging from the clueless folks gathered here, I would say the Coffee Party have plenty of raw material to work with.

Video h/t: American Power


Chris said...

What a bunch of therapy needing liberal crybabies. These Koffee Klan party is all about the George Soros talking points. I know sheep that doen't hand that close together.

Steverino said...

Their goal is to "restore democracy in America". I do not think "democracy" means what they think it means.

Of course, the fact that the Tea Party has them outnumbered by over 100-to-1 should tell them that they'd lose :)

OldSouth said...

Ooh, toooo much time spent in grad school liberal arts majors...

There but for grace go we all.

Janelle said...

Clifton, use them and lose them. No more process, bipartisanshit, earmarks or favors. Revolving door policy - please.

Clifton B said...


I cannot imagine the Coffee Party ever rivaling the Tea Parties. There simply is no passion in that group.

Clifton B said...


Actually they do want Democracy, i.e. majority rule, rather than a constitutional republic where the law gets in the way of their plans.

I will keep an eye on them, but in the end, I doubt they go anywhere.

Clifton B said...


Perhaps that is why all they know are generalities. They won't get very far with just that.

Clifton B said...


Flushing out the rascals on a regular basis is better than any tea or coffee party, that is for sure.

Steverino said...

Clifton, they don't actually want majority rule. Look at the number of initiatives that passed in California that have been challenged in the courts by the left. They'd much rather govern by the fiat of the courts.

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