Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bush wipes his hands on Clinton’s shirt

From Mediaite: Former President’s George W. Bush and Bill Clinton made their first joint visit to Haiti this week, touring and helping out in Port-au-Prince, the Haitian capital city devastated by the January earthquake.
It’s an admirable visit, but something else happened while down in Haiti – it appears Bush wiped his hand on Clinton’s shirt. Let’s go to the videotape! 

Oh boy! I watched this video like four times and my reaction is still the same, this looks bad but is kind of funny too.  I see three ways to interpret it.

Interpretation 1: A white conservative president wipes his hand after shaking a few black hands, 95% of liberals are going say it’s proof that Bush is a racist.

Interpretation 2: Bush really did get something on his hand after a handshake and slyly wiped his hand on his predecessor’s shirt. It is rascally behavior but looks kind of petty too. Note: I remember reading somewhere that Dubya might have germaphobia. If true, it would explain why Bush did not wipe his hands on his own clothes.
Interpretation 3: We are all reading too much into the video. Maybe Bush just lazily patted to Clinton’s shoulder.

What do you get from the video?


Reed said...

The way he turns and moves, it seems that only those who like conspiracies or unhinged conservative behavior will read more into a gesture that looks like, "Hey, when you're done, over here."

Steverino said...

I got interpretation #3. It was an innocent gesture. But I'd bet a nickel most of the liberal blogs are going to tout interpretation #1.

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