Monday, March 29, 2010

Full Video: Marco Rubio Vs. Charlie Crist on Fox News Sunday

From the opening remarks, I think Rubio captures the sentiment of the nation perfectly. Crist used his opportunity to immediately attack Rubio. Even without the attack, are we really just looking for public servants or are we looking for people who yank the country back to its slightly center right position?

Notice that Rubio looks at Crist when he answers the charges against him, while Crist only looks at Chris Wallace when making the charges, very telling.

Crist’s defense of the stimulus sounds like it could have been spoken from any Democrat. It did take me aback that Crist admits that if he were a senator he would have voted for the stimulus. Is embracing the devil as winning strategy in honesty or is it a desperate man with few options?

This debate can be summed up as Compassionate Conservative [Crist] vs. Commonsense Conservative [Rubio] or in the short form Bush vs. Palin.  Given the task ahead of repealing ObamaCare, the Compassionate Conservative seems so risky. Will such Republicans actually repeal ObamaCare or will they be misguided by compassion based arguments to simply trim around the edges of ObamaCare? To me this is the choice that Florida voters must decide.


spc said...

I was looking forward to this debate for about 1 month and it was ok. President interrupted my first viewing, but it was on a few more times. Although I really wanted Rubio to come out ahead, I don't think he's being honest about the money that Crist is accusing him of taking. Really a shame, if true, since he could have otherwise been a stellar candidate. Crist was pressed a few times by Wallace, but I didn't see Rubio get treated equally- I was waiting for Wallace to really box him into answering some more poignant follow up questions. Rubio, however, did a good job with questions on policy (his weakness was the personal stuff which he's been coached to handle well and to deflect like a weasel Democrat). Crist came across like a used car salesman for the most part.

Clifton B said...


It is hard to tell about the money thing without living in Florida. Crist obvious was spinning it for maximum effect. Wallace did not press Rubio very hard on the issue, which kind of leads me to believe that there isn't much there, there.

You are right Rubio really shined on the policy. His position are clearly much more up to date than Crist. Crist's answer on social security was shameful.

My general impression of Crist is that he is the typical politician we have seen way too much of. It is almost like he doesn't know there are great changes taking place, especially on the right.

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