Sunday, March 28, 2010

Showdown in Searchlight: Thousands of Tea Partiers rally at Tea Party Express III in Searchlight Nevada

The Tea Party Express rolled into Searchlight, Nevada. Searchlight is the hometown of Senate Majority leader Harry Reid. I have read crowd estimates from 8,000 to 20,000 people. CNN though did estimate the crowd to be "Hundreds of people, at least dozens of people - we haven't gotten a count of how many people turned out there”. Let the image below be your guide.

Unruly supporters of Harry Reid set up camp about a mile away from the Tea Party rally. Perhaps these are the dozens of people CNN was talking about.

Sarah Palin headlined the event. Palin called out the media for its bogus reporting on Tea Parties inciting violence. Palin also told slammed the Obama, Pelosi , Reid agenda as being a crapshoot on America’s future. In addition to Palin, Andrew Breitbart, Andrew Marcus, Andrea Shea King, Victoria Jackson, Chris Cassone  were also present.

The Las Vegas Sun gives a pretty honest description of the events.

More images can be found at Nice Deb, The Founding Bloggers, and Left Coast Rebel. Plus an nice slide show at The Las Vegas Sun. The Other McCain also has a first hand account here, here, and here, with more to follow. Remember Robert Stacy, what goes on in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

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Anonymous said...

Clifton, As of 6:am Eastern time there is a video of a "heckler" being "tackled" at the Nevada site. Is there more info on this yet. I smell a dead fish as he was given a venue at the time to "declare his love" for the USA, and hopefully not by design, become some idiot hero for the dark force... More info please!

Clifton B said...


Humm, let me check around and see what I find. I have not heard anything so far.

Lisa said...

Yeah I love it! I have been to Searchlight. It is a very, very small town on the CA/NV border. They probably double or tripled their population that day. :) Too bad the MSM can't report just facts... ahh, wishful thinking.

Cliff - thanks for the listing on your Blog of the Day!!!!!

Just a conservative girl said...

That looks slightly more than 1,000 people I heard CNN say yesterday. Don't they think that attendees take pictures?

I also tried to find stories about the egg throwers. No luck. Shocker!!

Anonymous said...

Re the "Heckler". It's on the comcast Fan Video. Has the AP logo on it. No explanation given, just shows rough treatment to some unidentified youngish man.

trinity said...

The people that really need to see just how large this crowd is and hear the truth, will never see these pictures or hear anything but lies and vitriol, because they only watch the idiots on CNN and MSNBC.

Michele S said...

It cracks me up that all these people came to Searchlight. They don't even LIVE in Nevada. They don't vote for Harry Reid. I DO. He's MY senator. Can't wait to vote for him again. He's doing a stellar job.

Anonymous said...

If I didn't already know CNN I'd find it unbelievable that a media outlet would call that crowd "maybe dozens". Knowing CNN however their dishonest parisanship will not be forgotten when the reigns of power in DC change.

spc said...

I'm pretty glad he will not get his little dynasty in his state. I have heard very negative things about him, mostly from people from his state- It doesn't look good.

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