Sunday, March 28, 2010

WaPo Poll: Obama Care still sucks * - even with a skewed poll

The Washington Post has conducted a poll to test the waters for ObamaCare love. They find that only 46% like it and 50% still thinks it stinks. 
The Washington Post: Overall, 46 percent of those polled said they support the changes in the new law; 50 percent oppose them. That is virtually identical to the pre-vote split on the proposals and similar to the divide that has existed since last summer, when the country became sharply polarized over the president's most ambitious domestic initiative.
The health-care debate galvanized the country to a remarkable extent. About a quarter of all adults say they tried to contact their elected representatives in Congress about health care in recent months, including nearly half of those who say they are "angry" about the changes. In general, opponents of the measure were more than twice as likely as supporters to say they had made the effort.
This would be bad enough, but Ed Morrissey took a peek at the internals of the poll and found the Washington Post’s thumb on the scale: 
As always, the sample tells more about the poll than the results.  This poll has a D/R/I split of 34/24/38, giving Democrats a ten-point advantage in the partisan split.  That’s an increase of four points since the February survey, and far outside of reality.  Recall that Barack Obama won his presidential popular vote by seven points, with significant Republican crossover voting.  Gallup put the partisan gap at half of the span seen in this poll in the fourth quarter of last year, while Rasmussen had it at three points in its own survey just this month.
With the WaPo survey oversampling by at least five points and perhaps as much as seven, it’s not too surprising to see Obama get a 53/43 approval rating in this poll.  It should dismay Democrats to see ObamaCare still losing ground even after the Post had to amp up the partisan gap four extra points from the last survey…
Even with this much cheating, ObamaCare is still a loser.  I suspect that as ObamaCare unfolds and the bad news comes rolling out, more and more people will hate it. As more companies scale back their health care provisions and people learn about how the bill will really effect them, I suspect the cry to repeal will only grow louder.


spc said...

Has the media picked up on this? Actually it's a stupid question. I know it is intentional and meant to be used as a sound byte by a dishonest media. By the time it's corrected, it's already out there and can't be taken back. Much like O's intentional use of 3000% to entice people into believing that the health care bill cut costs and result in higher's a hint Mr. President, can you do something that will result in some jobs?

Janelle said...

6-9 months and ticking.

Clifton B said...


As ObamaCare turns into the full blown nightmare we all know it is going to be, watch how quickly the media will distance itself by attacking ObamaCare. Consider this poll their insurance policy.

Clifton B said...


I give it 3-6 months.

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