Wednesday, March 17, 2010

UPDATED: VIDEO: Obama's interview on Fox News with Bret Baier

The most noticiable thing about this interview is the testiness between Obama and Baier.  Out of all the interviews Obama has had on Fox, this was by far the toughest. Baier knew his stuff and pressed hard for answers. I am sure we will be hearing from the left that Baier was disrespectful to the president.  

Normally Obama is pretty good at giving non-answers, but under Baier's pressure, his non-answers were quite apparent. The part I think Obama did the worst in was when Baier pressed him on specifically which kickbacks were coming out. Obama only seemed familiar with the two biggest (Louisiana and Nebraska) but was clueless about the rest.

BAIER: Do you know which specific deals are in or out, as of today?
OBAMA: I am certain that we've made sure, for example, that any burdens on states are alleviated, when it comes to what they're going to have to chip in to make sure that we're giving subsidies to small businesses, and subsidies to individuals, for example.
BAIER: So the Connecticut deal is still in?
OBAMA: So that's not — that's not going to be something that is going to be in this final package. I think the same is true on all of these provisions. I'll give you some exceptions though.
Something that was called a special deal was for Louisiana. It was said that there were billions — millions of dollars going to Louisiana, this was a special deal. Well, in fact, that provision, which I think should remain in, said that if a state has been affected by a natural catastrophe, that has created a special health care emergency in that state, they should get help. Louisiana, obviously, went through Katrina, and they're still trying to deal with the enormous challenges that were faced because of that.
OBAMA: That also — I'm giving you an example of one that I consider important. It also affects Hawaii, which went through an earthquake. So that's not just a Louisiana provision. That is a provision that affects every state that is going through a natural catastrophe.
Now I have said that there are certain provisions, like this Nebraska one, that don't make sense. And they needed to be out. And we have removed those. So, at the end of the day, what people are going to be able to say is that this legislation is going to be providing help to small businesses and individuals, across the board, in an even handed way, and providing people relief from a status quo that's just not working.
BAIER: OK, the Florida deal, in or out?
OBAMA: The Florida deal —
BAIER: Paying for Medicare Advantage, exempting 800,000 Floridians from —
OBAMA: My understanding is that whatever is going to be done on Medicare is going to apply across the board to all states.
BAIER: Connecticut, Montana — there are a lot of deals in here, Mr. President, that people have issues about.
OBAMA: Bret, the core of this bill is going to be affecting every American family. If you have insurance, you're going to be able to keep it. If you don't have insurance, you're going to be able to buy into a pool, like members of Congress have. We're going to make sure that we have delivery system reforms that strengthen Medicare, that are going to make sure that doctors and hospitals are providing better service and better care, and this is going to reduce the deficit.
Now, there are going to be in this, as I just mentioned, on things like making sure that states who have gone through natural catastrophes and medical emergencies are getting help, but those are not going to ones that are driven by politics, they're going to be driven policy.
In the end, I don't think the interview was a game changer and I doubt anyone was swayed either way.  What are your thoughts?

UPDATE: Drudge calls interview Historic First

Drudge calls the interview a historic first. The first time Obama got grilled by the media!


Soloman said...

I watched it and couldn't believe the "audacity" of Obama.

He had no answers, wanted to filibuster with talking points, and then complained because Baier tried to get answers out of him.

I checked in at Hufington Post - The article was pretty straight-line, but the commenters are all crying foul. Heh.

The Emperor's clothes are off, and it's rather unsightly.

spc said...

I really can't stand to see/hear the lies anymore so I turned off the TV after Beck-

I'll watch this on it's 3am run tonight though in case there is something worth watching.

trinity said...

This interview didn't do anything to help Obama, and he may well wish he hadn't done it. He showed more arrogance than I've ever seen him show before, and he was just downright rude to Bret. I gotta give Bret props for his constraint when Obama was being such an ass to him, and being so unresponsive to his questions.

There is an old saying...It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you played the game. He and the Dems are so focused on winning that they don't give a darn how they do it. They will, though, come November.

Janelle said...

You know what really irks me.........that so many citizens of any color showed up to vote for this fool. It isn't about color, it's about your grey matter. He doesn't have it.

Anonymous said...

I am a raving progressive/liberal/cancer-on-the-republic. I stumbled onto your site looking for a complete video of the interview.

I don't think Bret was disrespectful. He did his job. Obama did his. This was worth watching. The President isn't a king, and shouldn't have softball questions. It won't change the minds of partisans. People who think the bill is good will think the focus on procedure is irrelevant and petty. People who don't like the bill will continue to raise the same hypocritical, absurd objections based on procedure, because they have no other hope of stopping it. But there may be a couple of Fox viewers who might get turned around on the substance. Maybe.

Thanks for posting the video.

The Conservative Lady said...

I watched the interview live and noticed how mad and arrogant he was. He also tried to make his answers long...I would suppose to cut down on the questions.
He doesn't care what the Dems do to get the bill passed just as long as they pass it...the ends justify the means.
I don't think he helped his cause. I think he made himself look bad..."audacity" is the right word as Sol said.

Clifton B said...


I too got the feeling that Obama was giving long winded answers in order to run out the clock and give Baier less time to ask more questions.

Baier's persistence killed that tactic.

Clifton B said...


Go to be early, there was really nothing new to be gained from the interview. The most noticeable thing was that there was contention between Obama and Baier.

Clifton B said...


I did not find Obama to be any more arrogant than usual, but I did find his evasions far more noticeable.

Clifton B said...


Sadly many people voted for Obama much the same way they shop for iPods. He was shiny and new and that was good enough for them.

Clifton B said...


Welcome to ABC! We actually agree on a lot. Baier and Obama were doing what they were expected to do, agreed. Obama should be asked tough questions, agreed. People set in their position will not be swayed, agreed. Where we disagree is substance. The answers Obama gave have been the same answers we have been hearing since last year. If he hasn't be able to move the needle since then, I really doubt this interview could do the trick. Especially with Fox viewers.

Clifton B said...


...He doesn't care what the Dems do to get the bill passed just as long as they pass it...the ends justify the means...

This was the exact impression I got for the whole segment about process.

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Brett Baier is my new HERO!

Didn't watch it, because [shame on me] I expected a kind of 'soft ball' interview. How wrong could I have been, hu? And I'm going over and apologize to Brett.

Clifton B said...

Aunt Amelia:

I too was expecting soft ball questions like O'Reilly did. But Baier brought his A-Game!

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