Monday, March 15, 2010

Rep. Paul Ryan’s Washington Post Op-ed

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) has an Op-ed in the Washington Post today. Just like he did at Obama’s health care dog and pony show, Ryan cuts through all the shanigans the Democrats are pulling to get ObamaCare passed.

In addition Ryan offers common sense solutions that are actually targeted toward the real problems facing our health care system. For example, Ryan suggests taking tax benefit away from employers and applying them to the individual instead.

The best part of the Op-ed is the last two paragraphs where he sums up the year plus debacle known as the health care debate:
[…] If this debate had actually been about health care, we could have worked together to get a grip on costs, make quality care more accessible, address exclusions for preexisting conditions and realign the incentives of insurance companies with those of patients and doctors. Yet this process -- including its embarrassing conclusion -- demonstrates that the debate has never been about health-care policy but, instead, paternalistic ideology.
Should the Democrats' health-care train wreck make it to the president's desk, it will be a pyrrhic victory, and its devastating consequences will take their toll on our health-care system, our budget and our economy.


Janelle said...

Paul Ryan was one of the few who sounded like he actually had facts and figures at his command during that whole 6 hour debacle. He might be worth keeping around for another term....most of the rest, not so.

Clifton B said...


Representatives like Ryan is the reason I am hesitant about term limits. If he can keep his nose clean, I see no reason to chuck him out because he served two terms.

Anonymous said...

Hell, two terms in the House might be just right to season Ryan for the Senate, or an even higher post. I can't say too much in support of his honesty. Hopefully some in the MSM will see the light (and honesty) he brings to our important economic issues.

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