Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How can that many people not have heard enough about Pelosi and Reid?

I clicked on the CBS poll this morning to read about Nancy Pelosi’s 11% approval rating, but I was immediately floored by the number of people who responded that they have not heard enough about her to have an opinion. For crying out loud the woman has been Speaker of the House since 2006! Where the heck did CBS find these people, on some remote island in the Pacific?

Even less people have heard about Harry Reid! Dingy Harry was in the news almost everyday just before Christmas. Again I have to wonder who are these people CBS is polling.

The political make up of the people polled are mostly Democrats and Independents, but come on even they cannot be that uninformed.

I have to wonder do any of these people follow news or are they only interested in reading about Andre Pitre, Hot Carl and the Castle Spoilers. Geez, focus people, these clowns are running our government!

You can find the full poll results here.


Sparky said...

Good report! And it's equally scary that these people VOTE! Lord save us.

Janelle said...

Back in the olden days, when this bill was H.R. 3200, I printed several copies at work of the worst lines in the bill and an explanation when needed. Two printed pages. Two people out of 12 scanned it or at least commented. Good folks all, but they don't understand my insatiable interest in news and politics, anymore than I can understand their interest in American Idol or Dancing With The Stars. They don't even that this mess was on the table and voted on.

spc said...

You still confident we can take back Congress and the Presidency? These are likely the people that will be receiving the freebies from Obama (with no idea where it actually came from- thank the educational system and entitlement mentality), and they will be bussed in by Obama and the lefts "Get out the Vote" campaigns which I'm sure will be all privately funded.

I wouldn't have thought the numbers to be so bad though.

On the other hand, I think the right will be much more able to get our own vote out in the upcoming elections. I don't really know who has the most money to accomplish this more efficiently, but I am 100% sure we have more effective motivation to get these guys out. Couple that motivation with a voting block merger of independents and Republicans that actually show up to the polls and we have a winning combination. The saving grace is that all the people who don't care about politics and current events enough to know what is going on will have that same indifferent attitude during election season and will not show.

yukio ngaby said...

"How can that many people not have heard enough about Pelosi and Reid?"

Well, I know the less I hear about those two, the happier I am. I guess that's not too responsible though...

Seriously, I do wonder if some of the "haven't heard enough" reponses come from a recent distrust of the MSM?

Angie Lee said...

Ozzie: Do you also find it curious that Republicans are all "rich fat cats" but it's the Dummycraps who have to buy all their elections - and have the funds to do so at the ready?

Just a conservative girl said...

I can one up you. I kid you not, someone told me last month that she didn't know about the healthcare bill.

What kind of education are these people getting?

spc said...

Angie Lee:

It's just framed that way to further the divide between the "class"es. It only works on those whose minds have been poisoned by the media to believe that all people are entitled to the luxuries that those have worked hard to earn a good living have.

Clifton B said...


It is quite frightening that there are that many people who simple tune out. No wonder our government is where it is.

Clifton B said...


I hear you. So many of my friends, associates and contacts are STILL clueless about the content of that bill. Just today a good friend of mine (a lefty) was dumbstruck when I told him about the mandates! He never heard that there were mandates in the bill until today! Lord help us!

Clifton B said...


I am still confident about taking back Congress for two reasons.

1. Lucky for us, ObamaCare was written such that the pain comes before the big goodies. As such people are not going to enjoy higher taxes and premiums for the little benefits they get today.

2. Angry people are contagious. Ever get a bad product or service. What do you do, you tell the world. Right now everyone on the right is telling everyone they know just how bad government has become. Couple these complaints with number 1 and you have a winning combination. Liberal arrogance helps too.

Clifton B said...


I too tune out Nancy and Harry when their mugs get on TV. However I do read everything so soon or later I find out about their wild doings.

Distrust in the MSM has something to do with it too. People are reluctant to believe what they hear. This is why conspiracy theories like 9/11 and birthers have taken root. The media's lack of credibility sends some folks searching elsewhere for answers.

Clifton B said...


Not knowing what is in the bill is bad, but not knowing there was a bill is inexcusable! How can these people feel safe not knowing so much?

Anonymous said...

I was also shocked by that percentage. Now granted I pay a lot of attention to politics, but come on. I pay almost no attention to pop culture like another blogger has mentioned and as such I don't vote for American Idol or Dancing with the Stars. I'm definetely not for disenfranchising people but maybe proof of a little knowledge before voting, this is why we're so screwed now

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