Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dagestan: 2 new suicide attacks in Russia

With the Moscow subway attacks still fresh in everyone’s mind, Russia is again rocked by two more suicide bombers. This time the attacks took place inside Russia’s Dagestan region. 
The New York Times: MAKHACHKALA, Russia (Reuters) - Two blasts, one set off by a suicide bomber, rocked Kizlyar in Russia's Dagestan region on Wednesday, killing at least 11 people just two days after twin bombs hit Moscow, officials told Reuters.
Investigators said a suicide bomber dressed in a police uniform set off the second of the blasts in Dagestan, which followed the two bombings in Moscow that killed 39 people and which authorities blamed on female suicide attackers with links to insurgents in the turbulent North Caucasus.
In Kizlyar, a police official said a car parked near a school in the center of town blew up as a traffic police patrol was driving by, killing two police officers.
He said the second bomb was set off shortly after police and onlookers gathered at the scene.
The provincial police spokesman said Kizlyar police chief Vitaly Vedernikov was among the dead. At least six other police officers, an investigator and a civilian were killed, Russian news agencies cited police as saying.
Dagestan, a predominantly Muslim province adjacent to war-scarred Chechnya along Russia's southern border, is plagued by frequent attacks targeting police and government officials.
Below is a clip from Russia Today on the attacks.

More coverage at CNN and the BBC.

Via: CNN
Via: BBC


Janelle said...

Islam is is religion of peace and if you don't quite buy into that belief or join, they seem to want to kill you.

Anonymous said...

it's sad how they were suicide bombers in Russia,killing at least 39 people, and it also caused lot of damage in Russia.

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