Friday, March 19, 2010

The True Cost of ObamaCare is over $2 Trillion

The Weekly Standard has stripped away the magical math and fantasy assumptions the Democrats supplied the CBO with and have come out with the startling true cost of ObamaCare. 
From The Weekly Standard: […] For a variety of reasons, this tally doesn’t remotely reflect the bill’s real ten-year costs.  First, it includes 2010 as the initial year.  As most people are well aware, 2010 has now been underway for some time.  Therefore, the CBO would normally count 2011 as the first year of its analysis, just as it counted 2010 as the first year when analyzing the initial House health bill in the middle of 2009.  But under strict instructions from Democratic leaders, and over strong objections from Republicans, the CBO dutifully scored 2010 as the first year of the latest version of Obamacare.  If the clock were started in 2011, the first full year that the bill could possibly be in effect, the CBO says that the bill’s ten-year costs would be $1.2 trillion.
But even that wouldn’t come close to reflecting the bill’s true costs.  The CBO projects that over the next four years, less than two percent of the bill’s alleged “ten year” costs would hit:  just $17 billion of the $940 billion in costs that the Democrats are claiming.  In fact, the costs through President Obama’s entire presidency, should he be reelected, would be $336 billion.  What would the president leave behind for his successor?  According to the CBO, he would leave behind costs of $837 billion during his successor’s first term alone.  If his successor were to serve a second term, he or she would inherit a cool $2.0 trillion in Obamacare costs — about six times its costs during Obama’s own tenure.  This legislation is a ticking time-bomb.[…]
Make sure to read the entire article; Obama and the Democrat’s irresponsibility will stun you.


Hyphenated American said...

It's pretty bad. The new taxes, regulations and handouts will be devastating. My only hope is that this bill will be the final straw which would break liberalism. The sooner the system defaults, the better - since there will be more sane independent people.

Anyway, I wrote a long article on my blog that support this thesis. I am curious what you think.

OldSouth said...

Thanks for your work--keep it up. Constantly attempting to reach my Rep's office, John Tanner TN-8.

Voice mail only. No one answering phones.

Read reports that his vote is being auctioned for an ambassador's post to NATO, but don't know if true or not.

Meanwhile, the President holds a pep rally at George Mason University this morning...

Sunflower Ranch said...

Wow, this is stunning!!! Thank you so much for posting it!! This is tyranny pure and simple!!! We have to stop it!! Keep up the great work here -- it's an excellent source for us to understand the workings of our Gov and the tyranny we're now experiencing. Remember, they held a revolution in the 1700s for far less than this...

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

Obama is a monster.
What man in his right mind would even conceive of this? He doesn't care that he will bankrupt a nation upon which the world depends.

Janelle said...

Very much in agreement that you do a fabulous job of summation, Clifton! The Heritage Foundation also does in depth reporting, in addition to The Weekly Standard.
Actually, it doesn't stun or surprise me...... it's just going to be another long slog to get rid of it, if it does pass.

Clifton B said...


Excellent post! I left a comment. This is a must read people.

Clifton B said...

Old South:

Keep dialing! Even if you don't reach him, help keep his phone hopping. That way they know people are angry and are trying to get through.

Skip over to Just A Conservative Girl blog, she has a first hand account of the rally!

Clifton B said...


Thank you, I am glad to spread what I know. Knowledge is power.

Clifton B said...


Obama and the left figure that once it is in place, we will find money to pay for it some how some way. It is their dream and they are not letting it go.

Clifton B said...


Thank you. I too am not stunned nor surprised. The entire health care reform has been a lie from the get go.

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