Friday, March 19, 2010

Video:" America's Comeback

This video is by the Republican Governor's Association (RGA).  I think they did a rather good job on this. Watch it and give me your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

True change we can believe in!
Glad you posted it. Has the one=two punch needed with the conviction that we will become a great nation once again...and get rid of ...what was that eric holder's said Americans were cowards? While the dems become socialists, the giant gains momemtum. Cowards Americans are not. Aloha and God bless

spc said...

Beginning was a great compilation, but when it got to the Republican half it felt and sounded too much like a military commercial- and then the end added a x100 multiplier to that sentiment.

Still good though. Interesting to see some creativity from our side.

Foxmuldar Blog said...

I agree, very well dont. I twittered the YouTube copy to my followers.

One other Video thats right for this time, is "Mad as Hell"

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Well from a Conservatives viewpoint, a waste of time and money. Insted of a little puff video, why not spend time and money lobbying D.C. against the power grab FROM the states (governors job) and DEMAND A RETURN OF IT.

Puff piece with no substance,typical waste of time and money by RINO's, telling us what we already know and they helped to achieve.

Clifton B said...


The video does contain a certain punch to it. I just hope these governors are not just blowing smoke up our backsides.

Clifton B said...


I think it would have been super stellar had there been less talk of RGA. Perhaps a more generic feel would have worked best with a paid for by the RGA at the end.

Clifton B said...


You make a point, however keep in mind should ObamaCare pass, there will be quite a few dejected folks on our side. Something will be needed to rally them so that they know the fight ain't over. In that regard this video can serve a purpose. After that purpose if filled, you are right no more fooling around with the Feds.

Clifton B said...


Mr. Beale is quite appropriate at this time!

hillx3 said...

I think the video(s) being passed around are meant to encourage. Eventhough this health lie may pass, I pray not, but it is not over stand firm and remember those that have gone before us for the rights we enjoy.
I am from the south and I am white, for the most part the 'racial' thing does not exist, but I kept hearing racial this and racial that especially with obambi's election etc. The last 6 months I have started educating myself and it seems to me that the 'racial' card is a strategy of the left, to bring about division. wondering what your thoughts are? God Bless the USA and stay encouraged, this health lie is so wrong; and wrong can not be made right, no matter how many times it is twisted.

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