Monday, March 15, 2010

The Reagan Billboard: Remember real hope and change?

Some people in Minnesota are really missing the Republican presidents. First it was the Bush “Miss Me Yet?” billboard and now we have the Ronald Reagan "Remember Real Hope and Change?" billboard.

From Ed Morrissey at Hot Air we learn the billboard is quite real and no word as to who paid for it.
Somehow, I think people will miss this man more than the one featured in the “Miss Me Yet?” billboard that appeared outside the Twin Cities in Minnesota last month.  Another anonymous advertisement has appeared on the roadside of a major interstate freeway in the outer-ring suburbs of the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolis area, on I-94 just outside of Albertville on the way from St. Cloud to Minneapolis.  This ad recalls a President that never got his due in Minnesota:[...]
Who paid for this ad?  There are no indications on the sign itself, just as with the previous “Miss Me Yet?” sign with George W. Bush.  Ronald Reagan never won Minnesota in either of his two national elections, but clearly someone recalls him fondly.  It’s not cheap to pay for this kind of advertising, and it would be interesting to discover who’s behind this one.
Morrissey confirms with Outdoor Advertising that the billboard is not a Photoshop and even cites an eyewitness account.

Unlike the Bush billboard, I can answer this question with big fat YES!  Expect to see a lot more of these messages coming out as Obama fails to live up to the hype. At the rate Obama is going, I would not be surprised if a "Miss Me Yet?" billboard of Jimmy Carter shows up somewhere.

Via: Hot Air


Janelle said...

Big cheers from S. Florida to whomever is paying for these billboards! Any ideas for a "sweep Congress clean" billboard.......with a few exceptions?

Unknown said...

The Mystery Billboarder strikes again! Be sure and check out, they have it on a coffee mug...

Anonymous said...

There's one in Texas with Carter on it!

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