Thursday, March 25, 2010

Senate has to send health care bill fixes back to the House

Score a minor victory for the Republicans. While you were sleeping, Republicans were able to find two provisions in the reconciliation bill that violate budget rules. 
From Fox News: WASHINGTON - A spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says the bill making changes in President Barack Obama's newly enacted health care overhaul will have to go back to the House for final congressional approval, something top Democrats were trying to avoid.
Spokesman Jim Manley said Republicans consulting with the Senate parliamentarian had found "two minor provisions" that violate budget rules. The two provisions, dealing with Pell grants for low-income college students, will have to be removed from the bill.
Once those provisions are deleted and the Senate passes the measure, the House will have to approve the legislation before sending it to Obama for his signature. Manley said he was confident the House would do so with no problems 

While this sounds good, it isn’t going to cause a ruckus amongst House Democrats.  What would be needed to sink this bill is something that the Democrats would split over.  What this does do though, is it adds to the growing impression that ObamaCare is hot mess of legislative unknowns. It has only been two days since ObamaCare was signed into law and we have found that children with pre-existing conditions are not really covered yet and that states already have an opt-out option (sort of) and now this.  The GOP would do well to keep finding these types of nuggets that add to the public’s distrust of the massive bill. Such feelings will only aid in the call to repeal ObamaCare.

Via: Fox News


cknox8 said...

Itis a real shame that there is so much confusion over this healthcare bill! UGH.

William Wallace said...

Keep fighting the good fight. Nice to see you use your soap box to strategize against creeping socialism.

tndrugrehab said...

The bill has some validation in that many people will be helped due to their not having medical insurance. It is also important to ensure that those who are in search of <a href=">addiction treatment</a> be able to use this bill to their advantage.

Anonymous said...

Clifton,there's an interesting article on the Reason mag website called "Don't Buy It" about the individual States defense against this travesty of a health care takeover.

Anonymous said...

Hey,,this bill can't be all bad. It allows tax funded Viagra for sex offenders and child molesters..nice. If only the press did not have their lips on the Bummers butt some truths might actually be reported.

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