Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rasmussen Poll: Most find Tea Party better on the issues than Congress

How’s this for a slap in the left’s face. After smearing the Tea Party as evil racist hatemongers, most Americans find that the Tea Party is right on the issues. I guess it will back to page one of the Alinsky handbook. 
Rassmussen:[...] The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 52% of U.S. voters believe the average member of the Tea Party movement has a better understanding of the issues facing America today than the average member of Congress. Only 30% believe that those in Congress have a better understanding of the key issues facing the nation.
When it comes to those issues, 47% think that their own political views are closer to those of the average Tea Party member than to the views of the average member of Congress. On this point, 26% feel closer to Congress.
Finally, 46% of voters say that the average Tea Party member is more ethical than the average member of Congress. Twenty-seven percent (27%) say that the average member of Congress is more ethical.[...] 
In the battle between the Tea Party and the left, the Tea Party clearly has the upper hand. This is because the left’s policies are not producing results.  The best way for the left to defeat the Tea Party is to have their policies works as advertised. So far we have the stimulus as a complete failure, Cash for Clunkers did not reach its desired effects, first time homebuyers incentive has fallen short and now ObamaCare is starting to give off a stink.

As long as the programs remain failures, the more truth there is in the Tea Party’s criticism of them. Demonizing the Tea Party won’t change that fact either.


Janelle said...

Demonizing people who vote is never a good idea. As many a pol has discovered and more will find out.
TY for the intro to SirKnob... good stuff.

Clifton B said...


The Democrats strategy for demonizing the electorate is the craziest thing I have ever seen. I for one plan to make sure the pay the price for it in November.

Sirknob owes me one, LOL

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