Tuesday, March 30, 2010

They ain’t your daddy’s type of Republicans

Here is a brief update on the RNC bondage-themed club story. As you know Michael Steele was not in attendance. However, we have learned who was there. 
From Red County: The O.C. connection? As the Daily Caller story in that second link shows, DMI President and Gen Next member, Erik Brown, was who picked up that tab and ended up expensing it to the RNC.
According to sources who were in attendance that night, the “official” part of the evening started with 50+ person dinner at the Beverly Hills Hotel, then carried on throughout the evening, eventually ending up at Voyeur. While RNC employees, who were in town to recruit members to its “RNC Young Eagles” program, did participate throughout the entire evening and did find their way to the bondage-themed club, Michael Steele himself was “not in attendance” for any portion of the evening. Brown, by the way, is reportedly a “Young Eagle” himself, a fundraising sub-group of the RNC which targets larger donors based on age group.
Presumably, the Daily Caller (which broke this whole story on its website earlier today) is continuing to pour through RNC disclosure documents. If so, it will likely find significant sums spent by the RNC on services rendered by DMI…
You know what the good Lord says about ye who is without sin? Let’s just say I ain’t picking up any stones. The idea that all Republicans are supposed to be pure as driven snow is a leftwing meme that we all know isn’t true. I have met plenty of Republicans who know how to PARTY. So what I am about to say isn’t coming from the point of a prude.

The issue here though is what is to be gained by soliciting donations in this manner? We all know that big donors tend to get listen to over little ones. The evening described above reminds me so much of my Wall Street days. Many of the young execs ups would go out and tear up the town with their expense accounts. For the most part they were of the jerk persuasion. So do we really want young jerks having influence in the Republican Party? Perhaps this is why, the Republican Party is a little top heavy with feather headed RINOs and power hungry elitists.

Like the old saying goes, don’t mix business with pleasure.


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Good points although a better venue could have been picked.

trinity said...

Human's often do things that are not in their best interest. This is a fact of life. While I completely understand that wining and dining big donors is the way things are done, they should have thought better of doing it at this particular venue. I think back to a Bible verse I learned as a child...

"But nothing is covered up, which will not come to light, or secret, which will not be made clear."

With the progressives/liberals right ready to jump on every little thing that conservatives do and say, it doesn't help our cause when things like this come out.

Anonymous said...

Humanity aside sir, IF I were at home minding the hearth and found out my husband/spouse/soul mate, etc, ended the night at a nasty store (for whatever reason) he'd be in a S***t more lot of trouble with me than with the boss, conservative or liberal, right or left... Sometimes people are not only flawed, but just plain stupid.

Clifton B said...


That venue is what you call a self inflicted wound.

Clifton B said...


I think it is all hubris. We have known for a long time that GOP leadership has a wee bit of an elitist problem. After 2012, we are really going to have to clean house.

Clifton B said...


You raise a great point. I would love to see what the significant others have to say about everyone who was at that club.

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