Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Crash and Burn: Christine O’Donnell and Linda McMahon lose

Fox News just called loses for Christine O’Donnell and Linda McMahon.  Sadly, I am not surprised by O’Donnell’s defeat.  Despite early chatter today that the Coons campaign was worried about turnout, O’Donnell lost.  I have to admit, I am not surprised. The media swung against her hard, so did the Republican establishment.  O’Donnell did not do enough to salvage her image and the image of her being Queen of the Crazies stuck.

Unlike other Tea Party candidates that the media tried to paint as extreme, O’Donnell did not have the luxury of time to clean up her image. She did not work hard or fast enough to clean up that image. Her getting snagged in the First Amendment flap did not help. The blame of this loss belongs to both the O’Donnell campaign and the GOP establishment (I am talking to you Karl Rove).

Regarding Linda McMahon, Connecticut has made a huge mistake.  Blumenthal is just going to rubber stamp national Democrats plans. Good Grief, this guy’s answer about how to create jobs should have been enough to tell voters not to vote for him.   Connecticut will have to learn their lesson the hard way.


Anonymous said...

north east is toasted... other then NJ, the shining hope of the country..

2nd Anony

Anonymous said...

As bad as that is, it's going to be far far worse in California.

Clifton B said...

2nd Anony:

NJ still has a few lessons to learn. I am trying to educate them, LOL.

BTW, I like the new short version of your name.

Clifton B said...


Yep, I don't see California learning its lesson. Left Coast Rebel, has his work cut out for him.

Anonymous said...

I am SO moving to NJ when they pass the CCW license [and at a reasonable fee :D ]

2nd Anony

Soloman said...

I don't know the politics of Connecticut at all, other than the obvious liberal bent associated with all of the New England States.

You're correct - tragic mistake on behalf of that left-leaning stronghold, which should have been wiser and risen above partisan politics in the interest of good business sense.

Hot Sam said...

If we learned anything from Obama, you're not likely to succeed if all you've got is charisma but no intellect and experience.

Obama did a good job of proving his charisma and fooling people about his intellect and experience. Now we know better.

Rubio proved he had all the right stuff. O'Donnell has a wonderful personality, but she's not all together.

McMahon just had too big a hill to climb. Connecticut is the highest taxed state in the nation for a reason.

Republicans should have put less effort and money into CT and DE, and gone harder after CO, NV, CA, WV, and OR.

spc said...

I liked O'donnell- too bad she was trashed and destroyed by the media-

What is it with the media's hate for conservative women?

Everyone just put her down again and again, and the public bought it....I had a feeling that's how things would play out- I expect much more out of Americans, but it seems the media is too big a dragon for a newbie to slay.

bd said...

great analysis!

critique of rove too gentle - actually, he is generally good for conservative causes - but his mangling of the del race calls for a harsh rebuke...

Just a conservative girl said...

O'Donnell had a huge hill to climb from day one. The RNC could have planted the entire party there and it still would have worked out the same way. The state is just too blue to vote for a staunch social conservative. I think the only reason she got as much of the vote as she did was because of her ecomonic message. I don't blame the party for not putting a great deal of money in this race. I wouldn't have either if it was my choice. You put your money where you can win. Especially when so many people in the past few cycles have refused to give to the party. You can't not fund the party then complain that they are not putting enough money on specific races. There is only so much to go around.

I grew up in CT, McMahon losing is no surprise to me whatsoever.

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