Friday, November 19, 2010

Memo to John Cornyn re: Primary Picks – It’s out of your hands

Roll Call: Sen. John Cornyn said during a closed-door meeting Tuesday that he expects colleagues to bring their concerns to him about candidates he recruits as National Republican Senatorial Committee chairman — and not to help mount challenges against them, Republicans familiar with the meeting said Thursday.
Although not mentioned by name, the Republicans said the Texas lawmaker’s speech was clearly intended for the ears of Sen. Jim DeMint. [MORE] 
Cornyn can save his breath. Challenges to Cornyn’s RINO picks are pretty much out of Jim DeMints hands. This is because the conservative base has become activists and is not going to settle for any old candidate with an R slapped on the end of their name.  If Cornyn doesn’t want to see NRSC picks go down in flames during primary fights, then he is going to have to do a better job getting in touch with what conservatives are actually looking for.

This is not to say that only 100% conservative candidate will do. Of course the base realizes that in some state allowances must be made (Scott Brown in Massachusetts is an example).  However, these softer conservative candidates must demonstrate some basic belief in conservative principles.  Candidates who have already demonstrated that they would support big government nonsense like TARP, the Stimulus or ObamaCare will be rejected everytime.

Cornyn had better hurry up and learn this lesson quickly, otherwise the NRSC will be flushing more money down the toilet in 2012.


Fuzzy Slippers said...

What money? They're broke. Well, at least the RNC is, and I can't image the NRSC is doing that much better. I don't know about the corporate contributions, but we all know that personal contributions from the base are going directly to candidates and to trusted PACs (like Sarah's). That's definitely hit their bottom line. They can flail around all they want trying to keep their GOP establishment, this country is in serious trouble, and they're part of the problem, not the solution.

Just a conservative girl said...

I disagree that the "base" has realized that some allowances have to be made. I have heard many rumblings about getting a primary challenge to Scott Brown, Snowe and Collins.

Snowe and Collins are widly popular and the last time I checked Brown is polling higher than both Obama and Kerry.

Janelle said...

Weeds in, weeds out....simple. There isn't one complicated thing about this. i really don't understand why people feel any attachment to their congressmen or women. What is the deal with that?

Anonymous said...

Cornyn has done and said more than a few disappointing things as one of my states' senators. He needs to clean up his act.

SB Smith

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