Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lessons not learned: Barbara Boxer and Jerry Brown win

Given how tight these races were I am not surprised Boxer and Brown won. California has to learn its lesson the hard way.  Both Boxer and Brown have zilch for changing California’s slide into the abyss.

My dear friend Left Coast Rebel will have his work cut out for him for the next couple of years.  Hey, LCR I have several renovated rooms at my house here in sane New Jersey for both you and the Mrs., think about it!


Just Me said...

You can't blame it on the sun... Floridians officially send Col West to DC.

Maybe there's something toxic in California's drinking water.

Hot Sam said...

It's OK.

Boxer will continue to be an embarrassment to her party. Frankly, Fiorina ran a weak campaign.

Brown will have a $20 billion (or more) deficit on his hands. Along with a Demon Rat legislature, they won't be able to make the difficult cuts and they can't raise taxes. So the problem will only get worse.

Whitman ran a bad campaign too. If she had won, she'd be in gridlock just like Schwarzenegger. She would have been a one-termer.

Sometimes losing is winning. This is one of those times. Now we just need a good candidate in four years.

Angie Lee said...

There's obviously something even more fatal to the intellect in the Detroit area - Conyers has almost 70% in his district, and he and his wife are blatant crooks.

Glad I live north of there, in Dave Camp's district. Michigan turned pretty darn red this year and we even have a brand-new Republican governor after 8 years of GRANHOLM.

Anonymous said...

No surprise here in California. LCR is not the only one that's going to have his work cut out for the next two years. I remember the last time Brown was govenor and it was really bad and this time is looking to be worse. He's more bitter, angry, and "progressive" than when he left and now the economy is even worse shape and prop.13 is going to have one of it's safeguards overturned by the voters in prop. 25: overturning the 2/3rds majority to 50% for a budject so more taxing and spending. The bigger problem here is Californians, for the most part, are really this stupid. Others think I'm harsh, but I find the people here to be the dumbest and densest I've ever met. In two years, they're going to do the same even if we hit 20% unemployment and double our debt and defict and Brown has no plan, no ideas and no clue about turning it around but suing over Global Warming.

OBIT2010 said...

Have you herd someone say they have two left feet! You must remember, that our country has two left coast (the west coast and the northeast)!
And California! I just dont know what to say about them out there. they voted against some liberal provisions last night, but they vote to send Senator Boxer back to D.C. and re-elected Gov. Brown!

Left Coast Rebel said...

It's a deal, I'm packing right now! Do you allow cats?

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