Monday, November 15, 2010

Hundreds of riders escort Cody Alicea to school

Cody Alicea, the boy who Denair Middle School told could not fly his American flag at school, got an impressive escort to school today.

I absolutely love this story because it show what real Americans are made of.  When Political Correctness foolishness reared its ugly head, these folks were not bowed, but instead stood up to the nonsense.  The public outcry forced the middle school to rethink its fuzzy headed logic. This is how Political Correctness should have been handled from day one.

Hopefully now that more and more Americans are awake we will be seeing more push back to the foolish and stifling logic of Political Correctness.


Hot Sam said...

What in the world does it take to get these people FIRED!?

Front page of the San Francisco Chronic-Ill the other day, "Latino Kids Now Majority in State's Public Schools."

Janelle said...

Folks, this could well lead to an outbreak of American flags hung everywhere in this town........I say go for it!

Angie Lee said...

Oh. My. God. That is just such an offensive display... NOT!

What irritates me to no end about this story is the school administrators claiming they did it to protect the boy after threats were made against him. So why punish him and not those making threats?

I know we now live in a "ME" society that refuses to make people accountable for their own actions, and it saddens and truly disgusts me. But actions like this just totally ROCK.

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