Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lesser women knocking Palin, take #965

An alternative title for this post could easily have been Sour Grapesfest 2010! 

I have noticed something about many of Sarah Palin’s female critics, let’s see if you noticed it too.  Many of Palin’s female critics tend to be Sarah Palin’s lesser. These women tend to have lesser jobs, smaller families, lesser looks, you get the picture.  Yet here they are knocking Sarah Palin like they masters of the universe.

The latest entry in the "Lesser Gals Knocking Palin Club" is Lisa Murkowski. During a sit down with ratings loser Katie Couric, Lisa (from her pretend lofty perch) had this to say.

Oh, brother! I wonder how much "intellectual curiosity" Lisa had when her daddy gave her the Senate seat. I also wonder just how successful Lisa’s write in campaign would have been if Sarah Palin had not endorsed her rival.  Something tells me all those Democrats who helped Murkowski out, would not have given two cow chips if Murkowski crashed and burned on election night.

Lisa Murkowski can sit there yammering all she wants about "intellectual curiosity", but we all know the truth. No one handed Sarah Palin anything. Sarah Palin had to scrap for everything she got and still did a whole lot better for herself than Lisa Murkowski and Katie Couric ever could. Heck, neither Murkowski or Couric added any new words to the American lexicon this year and Katie Couric would probably murder for 5 million viewers

The resourcefulness and true grit Palin has shown over the years is probably going to be more in demand come 2012, than the wonkiness Lisa Murkowski craves.


GM Roper said...

I'm amazed at the number of people with knives out for Palin. She must really be scaring the crap out of them.

Everyone keeps saying she isn't presidential material, but she's outfront of everyone else so far.

Gorges Smythe said...

Isn't that called "the crab bucket syndrome," or something like that?

Anonymous said...

Lesser families? What is that perverse comment supposed to mean?
You mean, Sarah's maternal abilities include having the classically Republican values of having a pregnant, unwed teenage daughter. No, I don't think so.

Lesser looks? Too stupid and sexist a comment to bother. I don't think so.

Lesser jobs? Well, Sarah is a pundit - which I don't think measures up to being a Senator. Oh yeah, Sarah quit as a governor. That was a 'lesser' moment of hers too, I think. Plus, Murkowski is historic in becoming a write-in. I'd say that makes her one hell of a lot more impressive than a governor who promised her constituents to lead, and then quit after 18 months. Wrong again!

Murkowski had 'lesser' curiosity because her dad gave her her job? What? What does one have to do with the other? Curiosity didn't get Murkowski her job, but of course you're just interesting in partisan scorekeeping, so you don't bother to show that Sarah has any curiosity either. For you, it's enough to distract your readers from Sarah's own qualities.

No one handed Sarah anything?
Really? Being a mayor of a small town who was, overnight, plucked out of obscurity by McCain - THAT wasn't a favor from on high?

Dude, you're not so good at this blogging thing. Every point you make is partisan hackery to the core. Why do you bother pretending to be a blogger when you're not even putting the effort into your posts?

Sarah did better than Couric every could? What? You're just incoherent at this point. What is that even supposed to mean? Couric nabbed Palin in their interview, and if you had a shred of honesty you'd admit that. Nope. Just more hackery and snark and pettiness.

"Heck," like most partisans, you cite ratings as quality. Nope again. But to you, that's all you've got. I don't expect you'd read this, and I certainly don't think you man enough to post this comment. But maybe, before you delete this post, you'll experience a flicker of awareness of how weak this snide little post was.

Clifton B said...

Yes, lesser families. You can take that in terms of size or quality, either one will do.
Yes, lesser looks. Murkowski is not going to win any beauty pageants.
Yes, lesser jobs. Palin was elected both as a mayor and as a governor. Both positions have far greater responsibility than a legislator.
If Lisa Murkowski was that “intellectually curious” about policy why didn’t she seek a position on her own before her father handed her one? If Palin is not intellectually curious, then why has she spoken out on every major issue over the last two years?
Sorry, to bust your bubble, but Palin wasn’t handed anything by McCain. John McCain would never had know who Palin was if it wasn’t for the fact that Palin had achieved a 80% approval rating in her state and build up her own reputation as a reformer. If you actually take the time to learn Palin’s record, you will see what I am talking about.
Finally, if you are going challenge someone to be man enough to print your bullshit, at least have the balls to sign your real name, otherwise you look like a fucking hypocrite.

bd said...

come from a different universe (forget planet) than the left wing trolls that bless us with their utopian views...

abc- excellent post; demonstratng how conflicted any on us can be: liked your tutorial to as..., but at the same time, gave the troll too much consideration

John B. Hefmier said...

Here is some more reading, in regards to L. Murkowski:

"Alaska's Murkowski failed bar exam 4 times"


John B. Hefmier said...

Hey Anon.
For the record, Sarah was in office at lot longer than 18 months!! Second, by the time she announced her resignation from the Governorship, she was about 1/2 million dollars in personal debt due to the asinine and frivilous ethics complaints that were brought onto her by her political enemies, in an attempt to ruin her politically, financially, and personally. It is apparant that either you are ignorant of that fact, or you were quietly or publically cheering on those bastards who tried to ruin her. Lisa Murkowski quietly cheered them on, as far as I am concerned. Not only did she not condemn those filing the frivilous complaints, she publically condemned Sarah when she announced her resignation. Sarah did what a heck of a lot of people would have done if they were in that same situation, especially not having much money in the bank. And besides, if she stayed in office, it would have further bankrupted not only the Palin family, but the State of Alaska as well, as the State also had to pay for the investigation. Sarah's decision to leave the office was far more of a selfless act than a selfish one.

not a minx, a moron, or a parasite said...

"Many of Palin’s female critics tend to be Sarah Palin’s lesser. These women tend to have lesser jobs, smaller families, lesser looks, you get the picture. "

My mother believes lefty females are so bitter and enraged against Mrs. Palin because she didn't buy into our culture of women choosing between family and work. She managed it all: a cute husband, five children, and a career!

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