Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thank You! Democrats vote to extend Nancy Pelosi’s reign of terror

Wall Street Journal: WASHINGTON—Democrats in the House of Representatives voted 150-43 Wednesday to keep House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as their leader in the new Congress, a number of lawmakers said as they emerged from the caucus meeting. […]
Earlier in the day, 68 of her fellow Democrats voted to delay the election until next month to give her critics more time to digest the midterm elections results in which Democrats lost more than 60 seats in the House.
"We just had a horrible election," said Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan, a Pelosi ally who voted to delay the caucus elections.
Well, Mr. Ryan you have pretty much guaranteed your party another horrible election for 2012! It is no secret that Nancy Pelosi has become the face of liberals gone wild. Effective or not, why would Democrats want to constantly remind voters of their greatest follies?

I can see Nancy now out in front of the press criticizing Republicans and all viewers will be able to think of  is; “God, I can't stand that woman”!

Thank you, Dems! 2012 just got a whole lot easier.

Graphic h/t: Mako Snark 


Anonymous said...

So should we be expecting 43 unidentifiable bodies found floating near the bay of Baltimore some time next month?

2nd Anony

Anonymous said...

Best news I've heard resulting from the election. This bozo will continue to make the dems look like what they are: complete lunatics. As for can't stand her by 2012, I couldn't stand her in 2006.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Wow, that is good news. For us of course, not the dems...

Ron B said...

Remember that she decided to throw a party to celebrate the Democrat successes after being soundly defeated and issued a mandate!

Janelle said...

I have to give the Dems a point or two for loyalty.......but retaining Mzz Feet In Mouth in a leadership role isn't wise politically.

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