Tuesday, November 2, 2010

We Are The Ones: O Rly? 2008 Pro Obama video gets a remake

National Review: When all those nauseating, over-produced faux-musical Obama ads came out? Well, someone noticed a few discrepancies between what those slick ads promised and what actually happened in the intervening few years and pointed them out in this highly amusing video parody
It is almost painful to watch this video as smug know nothing Hollywood celebrities show the world just how foolish they really are at picking presidential candidates.  The only thing that can make this video better would be to have the same celebrities try to explain their Obama praising today.

Also let this video serve as a reminder that two years in politics might as well be two lifetimes.  Keep that in mind tomorrow when all the “smart” people start telling you what to expect in 2012.


Clifton B said...


I would love to get an answer from each of those celebrities for that question. Sadly, we never will. *SIGH*

Clifton B said...


Glad to be back blogging too! How have you been? Still coming to NYC?

airbornewife said...

I guess I shouldn't have watched that after eating.. I get nauseated when I hear them empty heads chanting his name.. disgusting in every sense.

I'm sure they'd still praise their precious O..

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