Friday, November 12, 2010

It is beginning to look a lot like Murkowski

The counting of the Alaska write in ballots is underway and thus far it looks like Lisa Murkowski’s lead will hold. I have to say Joe Miller’s attempts to cut down that vote are not looking very positive to me.  Challenging slight misspellings or other picayune mistakes doesn’t really fit the whole Tea Party feel to me.

I think the big question now is just how much of team player will Lisa Murkowski be when she wins.  If the story below is any indication, I think Republicans should not count on too much support from Murkowski.
The Hill:  If Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) is interested in apologizing to Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R), he'll have to make the first move, Murkowski said Friday. 
The Alaska senator, who appears poised to win reelection as a write-in GOP candidate for Senate, suggested she's not eager to reach out to DeMint, who backed her challenger Joe Miller in the Alaska Senate race. 

DeMint, who has said he and Murkowski might have "some making up to do" if she wins reelection, would have to act first. 
"He has suggested that he's got some making up to do," Murkowski told CNN's "John King, USA" in an interview to air this evening. "I'll let him make that first move."
Murkowski's terse response underscores the relationship she might end up having with DeMint, whose Senate Conservatives Fund backed Republican candidate Miller against Murkowski in the general election. Miller, like several other candidates DeMint had backed this cycle, beat incumbent or establishment GOP candidates in primary battles this year. 

Via: Slate


Larry Sheldon said...

Beggin' yr pardon, sir....we already know what kind of a "team player" she is.

And for whose rteam she plays.

The question is how do we neutralize the damage until we can go after her with a party organization that can no longer hurt us.

Just a conservative girl said...

Well, the voters have spoken. Miller imploded plain and simple. He and his wife taking government programs certainly didn't help. I think had these things come out earlier he would have won, but he just didn't have the time to recover.

He can't complain that Murkowski was a sore loser and then act like on himself. It is time for him to concede and get on with his life.

Now, as far as DeMint apologing to her. I wouldn't. He has the right to back whomever he chooses. Also, turned out to be a good thing that the republicans didn't strip her of her committee assignments a few months back. She is basically a conservative dem already, so caucusing with them wouldn't have been that much as stretch.

Defender said...

The Republicans are better off without her. She should be stripped off any committees and locked out of their meetings. She is less than worthless to the party and an anchor that will drag them down if they let her. (Of course they will do none of this, since the Party leadership is exactly like her)

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