Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving from Another Black Conservative

Please take time today to really contemplate all that you are thankful for.  Some of the things I am truly thankful for today are;
  • Another year I have been able to financially stay afloat. 
  • My family enjoying another year of good health. 
  • Still being able to optimistically look towards the future. 
  • So many fellow Americans who are waking up and speaking up.
  • Each and every last one of you who have stopped by this blog over the years.

What are you thankful for today?


Just Me said...

A very blessed Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Short answer; I am thankful for my faith, my husband, my job and the relationships in my life.

Long answer; I posted yesterday

Gorges Smythe said...

"What are you thankful for today?"

The newest thing that I'm thankful for is the little group of faithful readers who visit my blog (along with informative blogs such as your own).

The oldest thing (personally) is my family and all those memories of times past.

The most important thing is my salvation, bought and paid for by the very lifeblood of God's own son - the One we call "Jesus."

There are many others, but the list is too long to go into. However, one more of great importance is being a citizen of the greatest nation on earth. May "God bless us every one."

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

The Vegas Art Guy said...

My health, my family first. I'm also thankful to have the greatest job in the universe as a 9th grade teacher, where I can truly make a difference to some kids who desperately need someone to believe in them.

Just a conservative girl said...

Well, my little one turns one tomorrow. She and her brother are the miracles in my life and make everyday interesting.

There is no greater joy then having a front row seat to watch the amazing human beings they are growing into.

Larry Sheldon said...

There are lots of things wrong here, and some evidence that it will get worse.


I am thankful that this is still the best place even with all the wrongs past, present, and future.

Let us focus on being thankful for what is good, and for the hope that we can still fix what is wrong, and we can still make the good things better.

OBIT2010 said...

Happy Thanksgiving's Day everyone!

And I to have alot to be thankful for like good health, my websites, and all the hit I got with them this year!

Adrienne said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Clifton.

I'm thankful to know there are other people like us out in cyber-land (like you)

John B. Hefmier said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Clifton.

James said...

I am thankful for my health, my family, a good job, and that I live in the greatest country in the world.

America has problems but it will get better with the help of a strong conservative base. We have been through a lot and America always emerges stronger than it was before.

Peace to all,


The Conservative Lady said...

I'm thankful for my family, our brave troops, for good health and for the honor of being an American. I hope you and your family had a Happy Thanksgiving Day, Clifton.

Quite Rightly said...

Among the many things I am thankful for, very important to me are the patriot bloggers I've met. Thanks, Clifton.

Liz said...

Happy Thanksgiving Clifton. I am thankful for God, family, the military, good health, and the internet. Oh and black Conservatives like you.

Hot Sam said...

What a great photo!

I recently watched The Blind Side and was touched when Michael stared at the Normal Rockwell poster of the bountiful meal, sad that he never shared such family love and prosperity.

Such blessings are brought with hard work, family love, and capitalism.

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