Tuesday, November 2, 2010


November 2, 2010 is finally here.  For almost two years I have anxiously awaited sending my message of anger to the hardcore statists, the out of touch elites and the RINO party hacks.  This morning, at just a little before 10:00 am, I walked over my polling place (with a nasty backache and late for an appointment too) to do just that.

I could tell this wasn’t your typical midterm election.  For starters there were five people ahead of me. They were two housewives with strollers and three were very, very, very, old people.  These are the kind of folks I am use to seeing on the big elections, not the midterms. Usually during midterm elections, I see the same folks that turn out for the primaries.

Despite my anecdotal evidence, you should make sure you vote.  Don’t let polls telling you your candidate will lose or win big stop you from adding your voice to the mix.  A few more votes might make the difference from a blow out into a respectable loss or might make a big win into a devastating landslide.  Either way, don’t sit back and let the action pass you by.  Even better, find a friend and get them to the polls as well.

Share your voting experience; tell us what you saw at your voting place.


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...


I did vote as I have been awaiting this day with such exciement and vigor!

I took the day off work (Earned personal day) just for this day!

I am a UAW member not by choice and voted AGAINST each and everyone they were supporting as it goes against freedom and prosperity itself!

It took me 2 minutes, then back outside to bereat the one socialist outside holding a sign,,I believe I ruined his day as others were in ear-shot.

This will be a fantastic night and one for the history books!

Tyrone said...

I absentee voted in my home state. I too have been waiting for 2 years to have my voice heard.

OBIT2010 said...

I am glad to hear that you vote. I voted today too! I hope that every conservative like myself voted or will vote today! I hope it be a bigger revolution than in 1994!

But, I heared earlier that in Philladelphia or somewhere those Black Panther thugs are back at the polling places intimidating voters. Can you image the outrage if some extremist group like the KKK or neo-nazi were intimidating democrat voters!?

Janelle said...

Busy flipping day for a non primary year......parked in the back. Five hours later, my husband went to vote and the place was still packed. And the general consensus is "change the guard", not guard the change.

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