Saturday, November 20, 2010

Megyn Kelly’s hot GQ photos

Ok, it is Saturday and ABC needs some hits. 
Mediabistro: TVNewser learns that “America Live” anchor Megyn Kelly is in the 2010 GQMen of the Year issue, which hit newsstands this week. Kelly is the only tvnewser to be selected for the 2010 media personality.
Last year, the only tvnewser in the issue was “The Daily Show”’s Olivia Munn. Remember when you look at Kelly (in GQ, right), she recently announced that she was expecting her second child this April.
The magazine says about the anchor:
“Abhorred by the left, adored by the right, frequently pinata’d by The Daily Show, Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly has become the very blonde face—and legs—of the network. And she’s okay with that.” [MORE]
On a serious note, I have to admit conservative women seem so much freer than their liberal counterparts.  I say this because so many liberal women still struggle with the angst between being feminine and being taken serious.  Conservative women don’t seem to worry about that problem.  They embrace their felinity and go about business as usual.
I cannot imagine a liberal news personality feeling comfortable about a photo shoot like Megyn Kelly’s. I think Megyn shows a certain level of confidence doing something like this that her liberal counterparts could never muster. 


Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Is this a joke?

Look at that head.

It's tooo BIG for the body, it was Photo Shopped onto.

evmick said...

liberals are ugly

Fuzzy Slippers said...

This doesn't even look like Megyn. Weird. But I think you're right about conservative women being more free. We don't worry about faux feminism and know that we are already equal.

commoncents said...

Thanks for posting!

Common Cents

Anonymous said...

Liberal feminists are too worried about not man enough might look weak to fellow liberal feminists.

Liberal males are too worried about being a male, because we all know, all males are evil and they are the only evil doers.

Conservatives males and females understand there might just be a natural way to life, and we are OK with being whatever the heck that we are supposed to be.

2nd Anony

Janelle said... have better things to write about and show than this. This is lazy.

dickster1961 said...

Megyn is a stunner, and intelligent to boot

Solo said...

Umm, you know what? If this really IS Megyn, I'm disappointed. Thought she would be above stuff like this. Liberal chicks are supposed to be holding down the T and A, hoochie mama department.

'Ol girl SOLD OUT.


Patricia said...

Good for Megyn. She has the brains to match the body and the body to match the brains.

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