Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pelosi serious about running for House Minority Leader

I cannot believe the absolute level of denial and tone deafness from Nancy Pelosi.  For crying out loud she has an approval rating in the single digits.  Does she actually think she has any credibility with the American people when she speaks in opposition to John Boehner and the Republicans? It would seem to me every time Pelosi  had to get speak for Democrats, all she would do is just remind the American people exactly why they showed Democrats the door this November.

Shellacking 1.0 cleaned out a lot of Blue Dogs and now there are more hardcore lefties left, but can those lefties be so daft as to stick with Pelosi?  If so Shellacking 2.0 just got a whole lot easier.


Hot Sam said...

Republicans should encourage her to do so. The last thing they need is a bona fide moderate with charisma.

If she had any sense, she'd retire. Arrogance has crowded out any sense she ever had.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Of course they will. Remember the district that she so perfectly represents.

Libertarian Advocate said...

Clifton: I second Nick's view and I have no doubt at all that the Dems who retained their seats are - with a handful of exceptions - in perfect ideological sync to Pelosi.

Let her lead them over the cliff; they richly deserve it.

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