Sunday, November 14, 2010

"Sarah Palin’s Alaska"

The UK Times online has several images from Sarah Palin’s reality show on TLC. Many political critics think Palin is making a mistake doing a reality show. Judging from the photos, I think she is once again making a shrewd move.

One of the effects of the left’s assault against Palin was that it dehumanized her. Palin was no longer viewed as a human being, but rather as some sort of caricature. This is why her detractors can be so callous and cruel in attacking Palin and her family.

By doing a reality show where the Palins get to be seen as just plain old folk, Sarah Palin gets a chance to reclaim her humanity. If Palin is successful, those over the top attacks will begin to back fire big time. This is because Americans still have a sense of fair play and moral decency. The continued attacks against her will no longer be given the ho-hum treatment, but instead will being to give sympathy for the Palins.

It is a gamble for Sarah Palin, but I think it is one that she has shrewdly calculated will work in her favor. Sarah Palin’s Alaska airs tonight on TLC. You can view more photos from the show here.

Via: The Drudge Report 

Via: UK Times Online


Rachel Ann said...

you know, honestly, I like Sarah Palin, I think she is an honest, hardworking, intelligent, down to earth type of person...ok, don't know her personally but as well as one can know any politician, and whether or not she ever makes it to President I think she has down great things for the USA. Sometimes the title is less important than the action.

Anonymous said...

I have nothing but love for Sarah. You go girl!

Sue Seibert said...

Well usual!

OBIT2010 said...

I like Gov. Palin and thinks she's intellegent and honest too, but I thinks she should of stayed Governer of Alaska until 2016(if Pres. Obama wins in 2012 and I hope he doesn't) or 2020 before running for president! I don't thank she's ready yet. She has been a mayor for 6 years and a Govenor for only about 3 years.

And, I wish her reality show was coming on broadcast TV because I don't have cable or satillite.

Solo said...

Co-sign with Mr. Larry Walker. The idiot lefties are just PISSED because Sarah is her own person and is not beholden to ANYONE, the way they are. Not that they'd say it out loud, but they just wish they could be HER.

Ehh, she may or may not be ready to go to the "next level" in national politics (poly-tricks), whatever that may be, but I absolutely DIG her sense of values, love of family and country.

Mad props and big up to Sarah. Again, you GO, girl!

Unknown said...

“The indirect racist comments Sarah Palin made on CBS during this last election is on the up rise among African Americans. Sarah Palin used the name "KUMBAYA" in a native way and thinks it is o.k. If and when Palin runs for Presidency in 2012, blacks are NOT going to forget and it’s going to turn around and bite her in the ass like an Alaska deer in headlights. Yes! We are waiting for her to run for Presidency in 2012, and then all hell going to break out.”

Hot Sam said...

Sarah Palin's Alaska was a decent show. The bears were soooo cute, and the family showed so much respect for the wildlife.

She also showed how "normal" her household is. She walked around barefoot and in shorts and worked at her computer while trying to keep her teenage daughter safe from her predatory beau.

Can you imagine what life inside the Pelosi household is like? Every day is probably some drama of her champagne and caviar lifestyle and yelling at the housekeeper for missing a spot.

BTW, I flew from San Francisco to DC today with several Congressmen and their staffs on board. I don't know who they were; they probably sat in First Class.

It would have been a good day to die.

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