Tuesday, November 23, 2010

“Exhausted” Obama supporter Velma Hart has a “new reality” … unemployment

I sure you remember Velma Hart.  She was that eloquent sister who told Obama she was exhausted from defending him and wonder if her new reality was a return to hot dogs and beans dinners.

Unfortunately, Velma’s new reality is here, she lost her job.
Washington Post: Nobody is safe.
Velma Hart, who burst onto the media scene after telling President Obama she was scared about her financial future, has been laid off. Hart was let go as the chief financial officer for Am Vets, a nonprofit Maryland-based veteran services organization.
Hart has become another casualty of the tough economy in which so many people have lost their jobs.

"It's not anything she did," said Jim King, the national executive director of Am Vets. "She got bit by the same snake that has bit a lot of people. It was a move to cut our bottom line. Most not-for-profits are seeing their money pinched."
King would not say whether the organization had had other layoffs.
"Velma was a good employee," he said. "It was just a matter of looking at the bottom line and where could we make the best cuts and survive."
King hadn't seen the irony in Hart being fired just two months after she emotionally told Obama about her fears for her own financial well-being during a town hall meeting in Washington. [MORE]
Velma Hart declined to be interviewed about her layoff.  I would have loved to have heard Velma’s thoughts today.  Does she still support Obama or has the Hopey Changey stuff worn off? At any rate, I pity Velma.  She voted for an empty suit and now must learn from her mistake the hard way.

Some are saying this is payback for embarrassing Obama.  They point to the facts that the DC area thus far has been immune to the economic downturn and that laying off a CFO is rather unusual. I am not too sure about that.  Many of my clients are non profits and they have been devastated by the recession (soaking the rich tends to do that to groups that rely on charity).

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trinity said...

You reap what you sow and since she voted for Obama, now she's reaping the benefit of that decision.

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