Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Joe Manchin wins

Republican dreams of winning the Senate are pretty much up in smokes with Manchin win and O’Donnell and Mahon losses.  What is interesting is that Joe Manchin won by running like a stone cold Republican. Just look at this ad, does this look like an Obama Democrat?  If this is the only way for Democrats to win in this new political climate, then I would have to say the age of Obama is dead.

Going forward, I will be watching Manchin to see if he will keep with his conservative message or if he will just be another Democrat in the machine.


bd said...


why would an exec (gov) want to be an effetist (senator/pontificator) anyway?

campaigned as a conservative - will be seduced/coerced to legislate per the democrat/socialist establishment?

Fuzzy Slippers said...

Exactly. A lot of the dems who survived or won like Manchin are NOT lunatic progressives who will play ball with BO; they're more moderate and even conservative on some issues. It's good to see. There's a chance for the Democratic Party to return to its better self and to purge the progs. This is super good news for both Reps (they'd have people across the aisle that they could actually work with) and for America.

Gorges Smythe said...

If Republicans and Democrats alike hadn't found Manchin's opponent so odious, many would have preferred NOT to send Manchin to Washington. In fact, the first time Manchin ran for governor, he was running against the same man and I voted for Manchin. Not this time, though.

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