Saturday, November 6, 2010

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell: “I am a socialist”

The Blaze: On Friday’s “Morning Joe” MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell made a startling admission: “I am a socialist.”
The statement from the regular host of “The Last Word” came as he was chiding contributor Glenn Greenwald from for apparently being a liberal hiding behind the word “progressive.”
“I am a socialist. I live to the extreme left, the extreme left of you mere liberals,” he said: 
This clip is worth watching for two reasons.  First, the actual admission from O’Donnell that he is a socialist and second the clash between two lefties of why Democrats got “The Shellacking”.

It is refreshing to hear O’Donnell flat out admit what he is, too bad more lefties don’t just fess up about. I never thought I would see the day, but I have to agree with Lawrence O’Donnell on this one.  The Blue Dogs did not lose for being conservative, they loss because they failed to live up to being conservative.  They ran in their districts as conservative leaning Dems, then got elected and voted for a socialist agenda.  This is what you call “bait and switch” and Americans tend to get pretty pissed off about that. O’Donnell is also correct to point out that if only hardcore lefties ran the Democrats would never have been able to create a majority.

This battle between Lawrence O’Donnell and Glenn Greenwald over who is to blame for “The Shellacking” is one I expect will play out over and over again over the next two years.  Already we are seeing this battle start to form over the nomination of Pelosi as Minority Whip (I pray the far left wins that one J) .
Below is the full exchange between O’Donnell and Greenwald.  It will give you a better idea of the battle that is to come.


Fuzzy Slippers said...

I agree, very interesting. It's also nice to hear him say what we all know: "progressive" is just a "nicer" way to say socialist. And the cowards won't call themselves what they really are.

Rachel Ann said...

My feeling? We need different views. So he has a view. I applaud his honesty while disagreeing with his views.

But what he said is what I've been saying; the message, not the medium, is the problem. The newest narrative by the left is the "medium" interfered with the message. It IS the message that has been rejected.

Anonymous said...

Socialists had killed way more people then Nazis and Hitler can ever imagine possible [although both are just terrible ideas either way].

Socialists and communists killed 100 million in China, and more in Russia, in 60 years or less of communist rule, and 25 percent of the population of Cambodia by Pol Pot.

But somehow it doesn't carry the same stigma as Nazism, and you never read about that on PUBLIC schools. Very weird.

2nd Anony

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