Saturday, November 13, 2010

VIDEO: Postman secretly videotapes racist customer’s rant

Gawker: Things got ugly when a black mail carrier refused to take back a letter he'd delivered to a lady in Hingham, Mass. She went on a racist rant and slapped him. He secretly taped it all on his cell phone.
The argument in the video is sparked by a certified letter that the mail carrier delivers. The woman has signed for it, but decides she doesn't want it because it's addressed to her husband, not her. But the mail guy won't take it back. Things go sour when she calls him a "Fucking n*gger thief." She quickly qualifies: "I'm not prejudiced but right now I'm getting real pissed off." Then everything she says afterward is so racist it would make George Wallace blush. Finally she slaps him. Just your normal day on the mail route. Except really, really racist.
Now here is the real kicker, supposedly the postal worker lost his job for making this video!
The video was uploaded in two parts on October 11th by youtube user hugsonamic, who purports to be the mail guy and claims he was fired over the incident:
This woman is outrageous — I am still waiting for US Postal Inspection Service to investigate this matter. it has been a year since postmaster fired me for this racist lady, and Hingham court let her go free, no trial. 
The post office confirms the postal worker was dismissed, but would not say whether or not it was because of the video. 

The racist has been identified as Erika Winchester from Massachusetts. She is a known kook in her neighborhood and is no stranger with the law.  In 2005 she crashed her Volvo around a tree during a DWI incident. 

What a stunning piece of racism and from the deep blue state of Massachusetts no less.  For the life of me, I don’t understand why the brother argued with her for so long.  After the first time she drops the N-bomb, he had more than enough evidence to cook her goose, so why stick around?

Via: Gawker
Via: Gawker
Video h/t: The Blaze


Just Me said...

This makes me sick. Just sick.
This is why it bothers me so much that the term "racist" is thrown around so "generously" by the left. My grandmother is a racist so I am all too familiar with the ugliness of it. There is no justification for the him losing his job. Sick; just sick.

Jim McKee said...

This woman is a total ass. How can she say she's not a racist, then use racial slurs? Isn't that like saying "I'm not violent" while you're beating the crap out of somebody?

Janelle said...

Whenever I see or hear something like this......I thank God and my family for teaching me that bigotry was unacceptable, out of date and illogical. She's off her meds or unstable.

doublegenealogytheadoptionwitness said...

Some people stick around too long because they can't believe the badness in the other and think they they should give a chance to fix it. That would be marshmellows like me. Course, staying is usually ineffective. Dangerous even. Terrible this fine man lost his job over it. Would be interesting to see if the PO teaches conflict resolution - when and how to walk away, and if not, why not. Should actually be taugh in our schools.

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