Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Video: Michele Bachmann to Chris Matthews; How’s that tingle in your leg?

Big Journalism: Rep. Michele Bachmann went on MSNBC for an interview with Chris Matthews tonight and handled him with dismissive tone the hack deserved. All he wanted to do was bait her with unprofessional journolisty questions about whether or not the new Congressional majority would investigate Democrats for “un-American activities.”
What Matthews is referring to is a now infamous 2008 “Hardball” interview where Matthews laid a trap for Bachmann, she admittedly stepped into it, and of course two years on, even though she took the comment backand admitted she should’ve been better prepared before agreeing to do the interview, Matthews is still trying to use the gotcha as a way to paint her — as the Left does all Republican women — as a loon.
Tonight, again and again and again, as the left-wing MSNBC fever swamp chuckled in the background, Matthews attempted to insult and bait Bachmann by repeating the same “un-American” question at least three times. But Bachmann was obviously prepared this time and wasn’t about to give Matthews even a moment of satisfaction.
Keeping her composure, the Congresswoman stayed on message about the economy until Matthews became so frustrated he outright insulted her (to the delight of his cohorts) by asking, “Are you hypnotized?”
Bachmann got the last word in, though, when she asked Matthews something to the effect of how that leg thrill was doing on a night like tonight. That shut the fever swamp up.[MORE]
Kudos to Bachmann for bringing up the tingle, but I have to ask why is she wasting her time giving interviews to MSNBC? Memo to Bachmann: Take a page from Sarah Palin and forget giving interviews to clowns.  There is nothing to be gained by going on MSNBC. Did you hear them snickering in the background?  Considering their messiah has been rebuked, you would think they would stop their clowning around.

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