Tuesday, March 2, 2010

UPDATED: The New York Times picks up on the Coffee Party

How is it that the New York Times can find the Coffee Party in its infancy and devote as much space to it as it did to the 750 Tea Parties that took place on April 15? There were much more people present at those Tea Parties than there are Coffee Party members. Heck, in NYC alone there were 13,000 protestors.

As I said in my last post on the Coffee Party, it is all Astroturf. All this synergy between the New York Times and the Washington Post reminds me of Yosi Sargent and his scheme to use the NEA.

Click here if you want to read the glowing review The New York Times gives to the Coffee Party.

UPDATE I: More proof of Astroturf

William Jacobson from Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion finds some very interesting Tweets from Coffee Party founder Annabel Park.  The Tweets indicate that Ms. Park is interested in undermining the Tea Party movement not fighting along side it.  Jacobson also discovers that Park has a New York Times connection. Click over to Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion and check out his discovery.

UPDATE II: Connections to the Obama Administration

Left Coast Rebel and Conservative Generation have stumbled upon Annabel Park's connection to the Obama administration via an individual named Kalpen Modi (stagename Kal Penn)
From Left Coast Rebel:

When last we saw Kalpen, he was sailing off into the rising Obama sun and leaving his acting job as Kutner on Fox’s TV show House to take a position in theObama administration. Kalpen Modi is now the associate director for the Office of Public Engagement. The purpose of Kalpen’s job is to coordinate with organizations associated with Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. An itinerary for a conference call sent by Kalpen to Asian Pacific Americans for Progress gives you an idea of how Obama is coordinating with these organizations. Kalpen's job in the Obama administration put him directly in contact with the same groups, organizations, and personal contacts as Annabel.
We broke the story last week that Annabel Park and Eric Byler had interviewed Kal Penn Modi for Obama propaganda during the 2008 campaign. However, Annabel’s friend Eric Byler may have known Kalpen previously (Perhaps while they were both speaking at an APA Five conference together). 
This Annabel-Kalpen connection creates a series of conundrums for the salivating MSMs, like the Washington Post and NY Times, who want to spin this AstroTurf group, the Coffee Party, as grassroots. How could the MSMs have known? Annabel said herself that the Coffee Party was grassroots, why do any investigative journalism? 
Read the full post at Left Coast Rebel.


VH said...

From the NYT article: "The mission statement declares that the federal government is 'not the enemy of the people, but the expression of our collective will...'"

You have to be young and naive to believe that.

Dymphna said...

Unfortunately, I know more than a few folks who think the more government the better. And they haven't been "young" in many a decade. Naive? Sure.

Some people never grow up and never read beyond the NYT...except perhaps for a subscription to the New Yorker.

Chris said...

The media loves the left. But that is changing little by little.

spc said...

The key for the Tea Party will be for all of us to retain our civility. I am terribly "cynical", but I believe that granting legitimacy to the coffee(ers) will anger the average person since most everyone can see this for what it is. The pedulum always swings both ways as far as public sentiment goes and I believe the best move would be to lay low (while continuing the organizing) for a month or two in order for the people to tire of Obama and the fake movement- they will feel something is very wrong with what's going on and like their voice is being smothered- then right before election time to rally a massive movement for the disaffected to identify with. Conservative radio/blogs/FNC can hold the fort for the meantime. How can these people sleep at night? I just heard Pelosi on tv yesterday talking about how Republicans were included in the process and how they share common ground with the Tea Party..... Disgusting to see them lie right to us-

Anonymous said...

You raise a good question. Personally--and this is just my own off-the-cuff theory--I'm beginning to suspect that the New York Times might have a certain prefabricated worldview and bias.

Janelle said...

Again, thank you, Clifton for doing the heavy lifting on
actually reading the NYT. Bird cage liner paper. And isn't it just too cutsey to have a Coffee Party....get a grip, idiots.......call yourselves Expresso Party.

Andrew33 said...

I hope they aren't upset that I urinated in their coffeemaker last night!

Anonymous said...

Surprise!Surprise! It is surprising and strange to see how many anti-Tea Party discussions and articles are circulating through the Media,not even counting this faux coffee-party garbage. To those of us whom desire a return to less government and a realignment with the Constitution, hold on tight because it's going to get uglier (although I suspect they must be running low on accusations and names to call us.)

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