Monday, March 1, 2010

Smaller ObamaCare 3.0 to be released Wednesday

Major Garrett from Fox News is reporting that a smaller version of ObamaCare will be released on Wednesday: 
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Monday President Obama will soon propose a health care bill that will be "much smaller" than the House bill but "big enough" to put the country on a "path" toward health care reform.
A senior administration official told Fox Obama's proposal will be introduced Wednesday.
"In a matter of days, we will have a proposal," Pelosi said, pointing to Obama's forthcoming bill. "It will be a much smaller proposal than we had in the House bill, because that's where we can gain consensus. But it will be big enough to put us on a path of affordable, quality health care for all Americans that holds insurance companies accountable."
Melody Barnes, a top Obama domestic policy adviser, did not dispute Pelosi's characterization of the new plan as smaller in scope - and quite possibly in cost - than either the House or Senate health care bills.
"It's going to be matter of drawing on these different ideas and coming up with the right proposal," Barnes said in an exclusive interview with Fox. "That's what my colleagues are working on. That's what they're talking with Congress about. We'll see what it looks like when the proposal is sent forward." 
If this is true, then we can easily conclude that Nancy is way off from getting the votes needed to pass ObamaCare versions 1 or 2. I suspect the smaller bill will cobble together so that it is appealing to enough Democrats to vote on it. The article also suggests that Tort Reform and purchasing insurance over state lines maybe included as well.

I cannot imagine a full strength tort reform or complete removal of state restrictions. I bet they will be pilot programs or some such thing, design to entice the weaker members of the Republican Party?  What absolutely will be in the bill is some form of government getting new controls over the private insurers.

Will ObamaCare 3.0 pass?  Hard to say, but Nancy’s goal just got easier will the resignation of Nathan Deal (R-GA).  Now she will only need 216 votes.


Euripides said...

What part of no doesn't Pelosi understand?

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

The only thing Obama SHOULD deliver is the beer he owes PM Stephen Harper.
Moving on....
This is evidence (if nothing else before) of how little the president cares about the electorate. His heartless grandstanding will reduce Americans to destitution and hardship. Where is that community organiser we've heard so much about? Oh yes. It was a smokescreen.

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