Thursday, March 4, 2010

What a difference a day makes: Pete Stark passes Ways and Means gavel to Sander Levin

That was quick.  After one day, Rep. Pete Stark has passed the gavel of the Ways and Means Committee to Rep. Sander Levin. Stark claims that he did it because he wanted to keep the gavel of the health subcommittee.  However others say it is because he is crazy as a loon and has a few ethics boo-boos himself. 
From Politico:… Officially, Stark stepped aside to keep the gavel of the panel's health subcommittee. But lawmakers and aides said Stark faced a rebellion within the committee and the caucus over his sometimes bizarre behavior and penchant for making offensive comments.

 Stark, 78, was in trouble from the beginning with his potential chairmanship. He was ensnared in an ethics investigation into claims he tried to obtain a tax exemption for Maryland residents though his main residence is in California. In an interview with the Office of Congressional Ethics, Stark alternatively denied and admitted that he had applied for the tax exemption. He was eventually absolved by the ethics committee.

Investors Business Daily provides some great examples of Stark’s “bizarre behavior”.  Why would Nancy have chosen Stark in the first place is a big mystery to me.  Sander Levin is no prize either. Like Nancy and Stark, Levin is a hyper partisan too.  That seems to be the attitude the Democrats want to roll with in their final days.


Janelle said...

Looks like political Russian roulette to me.

Angie Lee said...

Dude, he's a Detroit Dummycrap, older than dirt and in office for decades in a district held by Dummycraps since the 60s. What do you expect? :D

Detroit makes those of us in THE ENTIRE REST OF THE STATE essentially moot. Thanks to Detroit, we have a 2-term POS governor that's tossed us in the toilet, madly cackling as she watches us swirl the bowl, flushing again and again.

Too bad we can't cede that woebegone SE corner of the state. We'd be better off without it, financially. Maybe we can sell it to Canada. Or Ohio.

Bruce said...

Stark is a raving LOON. We can no longer allow his rantings to be explained away by his age. He's nuts, plain and simple.

Another whose time to retire has long passed.

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