Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bob Dole Says YES To ObamaCare

Get a load of this; here is what Bob Dole had to say about health care the current health care reform debate:

"This is one of the most important measures members of Congress will vote on in their lifetimes," the former Republican Senate majority leader and presidential candidate told an audience in Kansas City today. "If we don't do it this year I don't know when we're gonna do it. 
Given the current plans on the table, I have an answer for Bob Dole; “when hell freezes over”.
What are Dole’s reasons for supporting this crap sandwich? 
Dole, to his credit, is having none of it. "I want this to pass," he said. "I don't agree with everything Obama is presenting, but we've got to do something."
He added: "I don't want the Republicans putting up a 'no' sign and saying, 'we're not open for business.'"
So in other words, just pass the damn thing so that Republicans can look like they are “doing something”. I guess Dole considers opposing legislation that erodes our freedom further and adds to our sinfully high debt as doing nothing. 
I am actually embarrassed at this point to admit that I voted for this fool. We really must make an all out effort not to vote for ninnies like Dole in 2010 and beyond. Republicans like Dole are the reason this nation keeps drifting leftwards towards socialism.  These Republicans would not know a conservative principle if you wrote one on their foreheads and stood them in front of a mirror.


Anonymous said...

We should do something about our decrepit health insurance system (not our health care system) but let us make sure that what we do is the right thing to do and not just rush any old thing into legislation. More importantly, many people, including myself, would like to know who is fitting the bill for all of this 'reform'? It seems to me that if our nation is as broke as Washington says we are then we shouldn't be going on a foray to create a new government run program which is bound to fall into the red anyway.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

This man is a disgrace to the Republican party. Fuzzy Slippers says "no" to Bob Dole. (hehe, I always hated how he talked about himself in the third person).

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

It's a horrible place for Bob Dole to be at this point in his life - caving in to a very ill-considered Democratic bill on health care. There was a time when Dole stood for true conservatism.

Stogie said...

How unfortunate for Dole to say something so stupid. If there were another viable conservative political party I would switch registration in a heart beat.

RightKlik said...

Paying attention to a loser is the last thing we should do at this point.

rosewood59 said...

Bob is the victim of too much Viagra and far too much hair color. In other words, he is old and worn out. Get rid of him. Let's get good, strong, men/women with values.. we do not need the old men any more. We are awake and ready to take back our American Lives.

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