Sunday, October 18, 2009

Another Black Conservative’s FMJRA – The Technorati Monster Edition

This week’s FMJRA is coming to you late because our friends over a Technorati have decided to let their Technorati Monster run buck wild and wreck havoc in their redesign.  Aside from completely wiping out some bloggers’ authority [and boosting others, The Monster loves Ma Info] Technorati had done the dumbest thing of all. They did away with showing all the blogs that link to your post!

Without that listing Technorati has become as useless to me as Olympia Snow is to conservative causes.  So, until another solution for tracking links is found, I ask that if you link one of my post please drop a quick email or leave a comment under that post.

This week’s Linky Love:

This week’s hottest post, This Is What Real Racist Opposition To Obama Looks Like, was the hottest post ever on ABC. The Link Love and a bit of hate too poured in from everywhere. First a BIG thank you to Conservative Yankee and The Other McCain who combined Linky Love blew my Sitemete sky high! Additional thanks to Saber Point, Left Coast Rebel, Right Klik, Alexandria, Beltway Blips, Political Byline, American Power and Doug Ross! A double dose of Linky Hate from Pandagon and Library Grape who did not agree with the post, but who’s linkage did power the old Sitemeter none the less.

Miscellaneous Linky Love came from Urban Grounds and Berman Post both linking to Anita Dunn. The Conservative Lady links to video of Obama chanting for SEIU. Right Klik links to Tea Partiers going rogue. Thank you all. Special thank you to No Sheeples Here for putting ABC in the spot light and To Fisherville Mike for including ABC in his FMJRA.

Must Reads

First we have Reaganite Republican writing about what Putin maybe up to. Something we should all follow since Putin is clearly into punking Obama.

Next up The Wisdom of Soloman goes one step further in explaining the ins and outs of Rush’s raw deal on the Rams.

The Keeper of Odd Knowledge digs deep into the rabbits warren of progressive organizations and exposes some interesting links.

Finally My Thought On Freedom points to an interesting meeting in Minnesota where form Thatcher aid warns that Obama may sign away US Sovereignty. Addition materials to fill out this reading can be found here, here, here, here.

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Opus #6 said...

Surprisingly detailed post, considering you had no help from Technorati. I sure hope they expand their site soon to include link info like they used to. And the authority situation makes no sense. I wonder if the Twitter tweets I have been making about my posts boosted my authority. Are you on twitter? You can tweet about your blog posts, then others retweet the links and maybe that is what made a difference. Who knows.

namaste said...

wow. i didn't know that real racist opposing obama post was causing such a stir. i read a perspective like yours, clifton, and think nothing of it cuz it makes sense. but the liberals spin into a tizzy cuz they're clearly afraid of a change in thinking by others. nut jobs.

thanks for the link!

Chris W said...


Thanks for the shout out.

Djames said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog COPS.
And I agree that the new Technorati is worthless.

Anonymous said...

Linky Love!

Best Blog phrase ever!


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