Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Hack Gets The Sack: Marc Lamont Hill Fired From Fox News

From Mediate: 
Mediaite has confirmed Marc Lamont Hill has been fired from Fox News Channel. The liberal commentator was a regular on the network, most recently appearing as a guest on The O’Reilly Factor one week ago, according to TV Eyes
Interestingly, the news was broken by News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch at the companies stockholders meeting today, reported byThe Hollywood Reporter. 
Murdoch made the announcement after a shareholder asked about Hill’s “reputation of defending cop killers and racists.”  MORE

 Good riddance I say. Hill was nothing more than a straight up Obama shill. No matter what Obama did, this guy would spin it as favorable. Obama could tank the entire economy [a real possibility] and Hill would say something stupid like it needed a good crashing.

The last time I sat through an appearance by Hill on the Factor he was trying to argue that the opposition to Obama is racist. His logic basically consisted of take one part Red Stater add two parts white people, shake well and “ta-dah” you have racists.

Look for him to turn up somewhere bashing Fox News Anita Dunn style.

Via: Mediate


Anonymous said...

Mark Lamont Hill was one of the people who always made me think "do you actually believe what you're saying? Do you have any sense at all?" That is, if I could understand him, he talks so rapidly!
- margaretr

moon816 said...

Mark Lamont Hill- OUT


Roadhouse said...

My wife and I are gonna miss him. He always made us laugh with his struggles to make sense of Obama's policies. He was great comic relief. Maybe Gibbs can use him for something at the Whitehouse.

The Conservative Lady said...

I posted this too and am very happy to see him GO. I can't believe O'Reilly gave him credibility by having him on the show. He will not be missed.

arlenearmy said...

You may want to listen to the following Lamont Hill radio interview. Hill is making excuses for Anita Dunn's statement about Mao. He also whined (mildly) about lost of free speech as it relates to his getting fired from Fox.

Interestingly, he think Obama is wrong for going after Foxnews.

Kerrin Winter-Churchill said...

Good riddance to Dr. Hill. Calling Hill "a straight up Obama shill" is spot on.

Hill has always heaped praise upon himself as an "intellectual" but he does not fit the definition. I doubt seriously that he is well-read on a wide variety of subjects. "Obama Shill" rings so much more true.

"Black intellectual"? Sure, Clarence Thomas, Condi Rice, Thomas Sowell, these are true intellectuals regardless of their color. Hope really is alive in the world and you too are a beacon.

Lisa H said...

We heard he was fired, but he was back on O'Reilly tonight. I just watched the re-run of it and there he was. Although I disagree with him, I do enjoy listening to him and watching him on Red Eye.

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