Saturday, October 31, 2009

Another Black Conservative’s FMJRA The Halloween Edition

Happy Halloween! This week’s FMJRA is brought to you by the fright that is Hope and Change. If you are looking for something extra spooky tonight, just check out Nancy’s 2,000-page horror story of socialism called HR 3962! It will make your hair stand on ends!

All kidding aside, despite Technorati’s brain dead update, I was once again able to put together a weekly FMJRA. Apologies upfront for anyone I missed. Just drop me an email and I will be happy to give you some props and show you a little Linky Love.

This week’s most linked story was Obama Declares H1N1 Emergency. You guys provided some very interesting feedback and I don’t feel so weird about not being sufficiently alarmed.  Thanks to Jules Crittenden, Ed Driscoll and Booker Rising. Zandar Versus The Stupid linked with some snark, but no hits to my Sitemeter.  Is this an instance of unrequited Linky Love?

Newt Gingrich foolishly thinking that he can toss in his hat in 2012, brought links from  Boom Boom Boom and The Lonely Conservative. Zandar Versus The Stupid snarked again and again not a blip on my Sitemeter. Zandy, I can call you Zandy right? Does anyone read your blog? Just askin’ [Clifton B, taps the Sitemeter to make sure it is working].

ABC showed up on a few folks FMJRA this week. No Sheeples Here had a special one featuring Non Presidential Approved stuff and I was happy to make that grade. Fisherville Mike, Reaganite Republican and Keith’s Sports Journal included ABC in their FMJRA. Left Coast Rebel did a FMJRA that included my FMJRA, because like me he ain’t feelin’ the New Techorati either.

ABC got a little spotlight action from And It Goes In Shreveport who made ABC featured blog and Camp of the Saints who gave me a quote of the day.

Miscellaneous Linky Love came from The Daley Gator who noted Biden’s counter terrorism plans for Afghanistan. Booker Rising also too a look at Obama’s dithering in Afghanistan. Boom Boom Boom hopped into the time machine to quote ABC on the Quantity of Republicans vs. the Quality of Republicans [Boom Boom also loves that picture of Sgt. Crowley helping Skippy Gates down the White House stairs].

Finally special props to my blogger buddy Left Coast Rebel who really knows how to hit the Sitemeter [hear that Zandy]. LCR linked Sarah expressing support for Christie and McDonnell, The Viticrat video and The White House vs.

Must Reads
I am skipping the Must Reads this week because I plan to blog about the two stories instead. Plus, I am going to give you all my first hand account of the Chris Christie rally I went to last night, I have some pictures too.

New Blogs

Note: Again I am having a busy week in real time. Please hang in there. I promise to make it worth your while by the end of the week when I will have two very BIG announcements.


Left Coast Rebel said...

Ugh, thanks for the mention, I am considering opting out of the FMJRA for this week, I can't get my stuff together, still suffering from Technocrapi pulling a fast one.....

Clifton B said...


You have been blogging you ass off! I think LCR readers will forgive you if you do. Yeah, my FMJRA takes forever and a day now.

Bz said...

"I promise to make it worth you while by the end of the week when....". I don't care if you don't comment on a comment (does that make sense -don't answer) ......ANYway, I come here for the LATEST and greatest all in one source... PLEASE don't burn yourself out ...give yourself a break.... I enjoy the read too much!

49er16 said...

Thanks for the love, Clifton.

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